Monday, February 22, 2016

Simple Daytime to Nighttime Makeup Look (On A Budget)

Shifting from one look to another in a day is not as difficult as it may seem. Unlike my usual MOTD posts, I have included photos that will show you how I did this look this time. 

1. I moisturized my face with my favorite moisturizer - iWhite Aqua Moisturizer
2. I used Avon CC Cream as my makeup base
4. I also used a damp sponge for application
5. To correct my Panda eyes, I used a light pink tone corrector followed by San San Concealer (which I also used as my eyelid primer)
6. I puffed a generous amount of Nichido Final Powder in Ivory Glow to set the products on my face

  • First, taking the lightest shadow in my W7 10 out of 10 Brown Eye Shadow Palette, apply it all over my lids up to the brown bone
  • Using a crease brush, I took a brown shade and applied it on my outer V
  • Blend it with a clean blending brush to diffuse the lines
  • Taking the lightest shadow in my palette (beige) using a flat eye shadow brush, pat the pigment on the center part of your lid avoiding the precised outer V I've already worked on
  • Now for the eyeliner, I used a small angled brush to apply my Maybelline gel eye liner
  • For this look, I made a short flick/wing just to lift my eyes a bit
  • I used a dark brown pencil for my lower lash line from the outer corner up to the center and I shifted it to my waterline inwards (because I suck at giving instructions like that)
  • Set it in with a mid-tone brown shadow for longevity
  • Brush any fall outs to achieve a flawless look 
  • Of course, don't skip the mascara
  • I used Rucy's Vanity Auto Eyebrow Pencil in outlining my brows
  • And my multi-purpose San San Deep Earth Individual Eye shadow (I forgot to include a photo) to fill in my brows
  • The last product I used to keep my stubborn brow strands in place is my Nichido Tinted Brow Gel
  • I did my usual contour/highlight procedure (which I will be showing you next time along with the blush application)
And voila, here is my simple day time make up look! To turn this look to a bolder and fierce smoky makeup look, I just carefully applied  a matte black eye shadow onto my middle part of my lid just below my crease covering the beige shade I already have. I then took a mid-tone brown shade again to diffuse any harsh lines on top of the black shadow serving as my transition color as well.  I just applied a mauve matte lipstick on top of my In The Flesh lipstick from Wet 'N' Wild to complete the night time look.

There you have it, my not-a-really-tutorial post but basically showing you my take on the daytime to night time look. I promise to do better next time. Am I forgiven? LOL! Until my next post, my beloved RaveViewers!
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  1. Eyebrows on fleek :)

    I like your makeup ! It's just a challenge for the chinky eyed to apply eyeshadow. :)

    1. Thank you, Candice. It's true, that the biggest challenge is how to make small eyes look a little bigger through makeup. Small lids can't just accommodate much pigment. LOL!


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