Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Product Review: Maxipeel Exfoliant Scrub

Why is skin exfoliation important? 

It is important so as to remove surface dead skin cells. It is also one of the best processes to achieve healthy and glowing skin. Exfoliation is also done to help improve some of the usual skin imperfections like: blemishes, pimple marks, clogged pores and others that result to different kinds of skin impurities.

Now it is important to identify your skin type as well as the product you should be using. I used to use a very 'grainy' exfoliation scrub that I thought ignited my pores. It surely did its job which is to remove black/whiteheads from my face especially the T-zone area but unfortunately, my pores have become visible and it didn't please me.

Just recently, I found this super amazing product called Maxipeel Exfoliant Scrub. I was reluctant purchasing it at first because I have seen a lot of women who tried this brand's toners and astringents and it looked awful. Or perhaps, I just saw them while their skin was in the process of peeling. After contemplating for five minutes or so, I finally bought it. I reckoned, it won't hurt that much if it doesn't work for me since it just costs Php 40 ($.94).

Now, let's take a look at the before and after (several days) photo to have a comparison.

You can see that in the first photo, the pores were very visible, not to mention that my nose was 'dirty'. If you're squeamish, you won't even look at the whiteheads sticking out all over my nose. After eight days of using it (I just use it once a day, by the way, because my previous scrub left humongous pores on my face which is a little traumatic), you will notice that some of the icky whiteheads are gone if not completely eradicated, so to speak. After all, it's just more than a week's usage and it already gave me a good effect that I am ecstatic with.

Without being exaggerated, I am just blown-away with Maxipeel's Exfoliant scrub's performance because I was not really expecting so much from it. I didn't know that local brands can manufacture effective and yet economical skin care products at the same time. 

  • Consistency. It is not that foamy, neither is watery so a little amount of the product goes a long way. You can later on spread the rest of the product onto your neck once done with the face area. I noticed that it was not full though when I first squeezed it because nothing came out but air.
  • Odor. It smells minty and pleasant to the nose. You'll get the fresh and clean feeling after rinsing, if you know what I mean.
  • Price. Who would complain for Php 40? It's definitely a good steal.
  • Effectiveness. Like I said, I have been using it for just two weeks (almost) and it already surprised me with the effect I was not even expecting. My pores were not enlarged by far and it has really the 'deep-cleansing' effect as promised.
  • Add-On: It didn't say in the packaging that it whitens the face (and neck) but my face became visibly clearer ever since I started using it. Maxipeel has another variant of this which whitens the skin, if I am not mistaken, with the same price. 

  • Will I recommend it? Yes. In fact, I already did recommend it to my mom and my friend and they are as happy as I am. 
  • Will I repurchase? I already did (for my mom and a friend) to see if they are going to get the same effect as I did. 


  1. hi. you said that you use it once a day, do you use it in the morning or in the evening? and do you apply sun block after washing your face with the scrub?

  2. hi. you said that you pnly use it once a day, do you use it at night or in the morning? and do you also apply sun block after you wash your face with the scrub? im just bought the scrub and wondering if i should apply sun block after using this product.


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