Wednesday, April 1, 2015

5 Reasons Why Some People Prefer Homebased Jobs

Most of you who have been working for a company for like forever often ask - "Is working from home much better than working at an office?" Or probably, have tons of issues you have been battling with inside your head like:

Is it really worth it to give up my job and be my own boss by working from home instead?
Is the income more stable?
Will there be more/less distractions?
Am I disciplined enough to work at my own pace with ease and comfort? 

The most realistic way to address these questions is to answer each of them in all honesty. First, you have to ask yourself about the things that you are the happiest with. If your instinct tells you that you would be much happier with working from home then it's all worth it. Second, your income would really depend on YOU because the possibilities are endless and the resources are unlimited. It is going to be one of the biggest decisions that you'll ever make so taking things into account is a MUST. Third, there is distraction everywhere so it is within your decision and choosing as to when you will allow distraction to take over. What most people don't realize is that it is more distracting working in an office because of so many things that will be elaborated later on. The answer to the last question is just about challenge. How far are you willing to accept challenges in life?

But what are the top 5 reasons why most people nowadays prefer home-based jobs over the traditional ones?

1. You are your own boss
If you are someone who used to be the almost perfect employee whose efforts remained unrecognized and uncompensated until you got sick and tired of taking orders and practicing "blind obedience" almost half of your career life then start doubting yourself. Do you really want to work for others in your remaining years? How about being your own boss who could work at your own pace? Your "aux" or "break" at home is not timed and you won't get reprimanded for going over break. Again, this is something that would always challenge your self-control and discipline. If you're struggling with that department, these tips from our favorite lifestyle blogger would definitely help to improve without stressing yourself too much.

2. Convenience
Working from home is not all about convenience but if you'll compare yourself with other employees who need to commute to their workplaces everyday, then that's convenience. If you were to think about not getting wet during rainy season and your work space is just several meters away from where your bed is while others would have to be drenched on their way to work, then that's convenience. If you don't need to worry about how many times you could actually go to the loo without being monitored, then that's convenience. Need we say more?

3. "Anti-Duty Constraint"
If you are a family man or especially if you're a mother, you'd always have this feeling of being torn between your family and career. You would often find yourself neglecting your duties to your kids yearning to provide them with every thing they need, and vice versa. Wherein if you work at home, situations like this can be avoided. It won't be so hard for you to guide your offspring while working. You wouldn't feel so distant from them while earning. Plus, your schedule would be more flexible. Flexible schedule means  you can always decide on when to go on a holiday.

4. Cost-effective
People who are working from home can save more money from daily transporation/food/clothing/etc. allowance. The pain of budgeting will be lessened because your daily expenses will be cut down as well. Not to mention the pain of running out of corporate clothes to wear in the middle of the week will no longer be an issue. 

5. Stress-free
The issues that you just have to deal with when working from home is time-management and self-discipline. Of course, domestic issues should not get in your way because it's a different aspect of your life. It is something that shouldn't be blended with your work. What we're trying to point out here are the people who spend more time dwelling on gossip-making than being productive at the office. No more long and tedious meetings to suffer from because the time spent in futile meetings would be spent instead to getting your projects/job done in a faster fashion. 

...and a hundred reasons more that you could think of. We are planning to talk more about 'work-from-home' kind of topics in the coming posts, so stay tuned.

Have you ever considered getting (a) homebased job/s? Feel free to discuss your experience by commenting below. We'd also love to hear from you.


  1. Amazing post again <3 ! I like visiting your blog :) !

    1. Thank you Kaasja! I hope this post is somehow informative. Love lots!

  2. The lack of healthcare benefits is a scary gamble. With 2 kids ,me and the missus are constantly keeping tabs on the expenses.

    I quit my 9-5 years ago and despite the lack of corporate benefits I dont have an ounce of regret.

    I'd rather be pestered by my kids than colleagues.

    1. So true, Michael! Especially now that you get to do the things you really enjoy and passionate about (with the kids).


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