Monday, April 18, 2016

Witch's Pouch Selfie Perfect Eyebrow | First Impression

One of the three items in my first Althea box purchase ever is this - Witch's Pouch Selfie Perfect Eyebrow. Why did I choose this? First, it's affordable which got me thinking that it might be too good to be true. Second, its being double ended brow kit made me consider about its practicality. Lastly, I'm the type of a blogger who continues my quest on different eyebrow products so might as well try this out since editor's pick siya.

What Althea Korea did not include in their promises is: Most of their products (and other bloggers can vouch for this, as well) are newly manufactured so you can really consume them right before they reach their expiry date.

One thing that makes it more practical is that it has a refill. It is totally worth its price, I would say. For Php 170 (now 150), it's totally a great bargain. I chose the shade brown so my brows won't come out too strong and just enough to complement my hair color. Brown eyebrow pencils help soften strong facial features. 

Other reviews on eyebrow pencils:

Witch's Pouch Selfie Perfect Eyebrow is similar to BH Cosmetics's formulation. What I didn't like about the latter was it's easy to break. I like how it subtly gives pigmentation to your brows that is buildable and you can totally take control of how you want the shade would be.

Image lifted from Althea Korea

I tried this myself if it really stays that long even after the water test and it did.

At first, I thought that having a tiny oblong tip would give me a hard time defining my brows, but boy was I wrong. I noticed that my eyebrow application technique has improved as several eyebrow pencils pass by. I know it's still far from being perfect but practice really makes it almost flawless.

If you haven't tried shopping at Althea Korea Philippines yet, here's how to get started. Enjoy shopping and you can show your purchases to me on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat! Bye, until my next, sweeties!


  1. hi sis.. have you tried Etude house's Drawing Eyebrow? anong better compared with Witch's? One i liked sa nireview mo ay ung refill hehehe

    1. Hi sis! It's nice to see you here in my humble online abode. I've tried the one from Etude House and I would say they're almost the same. What I like about these Korean brow products is that their wax is kind of hard. So even if a beginner puts pressure on drawing her brows, it would not appear overpowering because of the texture. It allows you to build the color up using the feather stroke or technique to achieve a more natural-looking and fuller brows. This is by the way cheaper than Ed's Drawing Eyebrow for a matter of P30 yata or less. Both are great products.

    2. Oh before I forget, I like the angled tip of EH's better. Yun ang lamang nya para sa akin.

  2. hello, will we be taxed if buying from Althea?

  3. Hi,natry mo na ba yong maybelline brow duo?which is more thin of the two?


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