Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Service Review: Althea Korea Ph

I'm thrilled to bring you my first service review for this year. As most of us know, Althea Korea has already reached Filipino Beauty Market. It is indeed surprising to note that the Philippine cosmetic industry has been immovably booming for the past decade. Before I carry on with my full review on Althea Korea's service, let me reiterate to you that this is not sponsored and a non-beta-tester review

Since I was still in the 'testing-the-waters' phase when I initially placed my order at Althea Korea's website, I only bought three products to be on the safer side. It's different when you only read other beta-tester reviews against the actual customer's one.Without further fuss, let me start with the...

Ordering Process

The interface of the website is professionally done, not cluttered and each merchandise is presented in an enticing way.  It has the usual sort and filter features if you want to view the products by relevance. You can also easily set the price range according to your allocation. Checking out is easy peasy, as well, whether you're placing it on a mobile device or a PC. 


Althea Korea offers a flexible payment scheme. For someone like me who dislikes going out of my cave a lot, I appreciate how my BPI ePrepaid card was accommodated with no issues at all. I just love doing my purchases online. Payment methods accepted are the following: credit card (American Express, Visa, Mastercard), Dragon Pay (ATM, over-the-counter, online banking) and Paypal.

All I did was to transfer some amount from my ATM to my ePrepaid card (Mastercard) and entered my card details to AKPh's system and voila! An order confirmation was sent to my email, shortly. I was advised to wait for the delivery of my order for 10-15 days, but I got mine on the 8th day (April 12) after placing it on the 4th.


Apart from the order confirmation email,  I also received a notification email stating that the order has been shipped together with a tracking number. The parcel was received in their Manila warehouse after four (4) days and it has been sent via courier the same day and it took three (3) days to its provincial destination excluding Sunday.


I would say, it's worth the wait. All the items are in mint condition, newly manufactured (expiration date indicated in each product) and the box has NO DENT at all. They didn't skimp on bubble wrap and the entire packaging just to protect the products and get to their rightful owners in perfect condition. 

Now that I have tried how Althea Korea's service is like, will I reorder? Definitely, I would. Their prices are all fabulous especially those that are not offered in the Philippines.What I like the most about their service is that they don't have to go through the CUSTOMS!!! Shipping fee just cost me P300+ and that's it! No need to worry about import and duties taxes that are mostly hidden.

I will be showcasing the products that I bought in a separate review. Meanwhile, here's the rest of Althea Korea's promise.

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