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SanSan Foundation Cream | Product Review

Discovering new beauty products through my fellow bloggers and review videos found on YouTube is a delight. For someone like me who hardly ever go out only when I have errands to run, the internet plays a pivotal role in learning new things out in the market. 

I would say, San San Cosmetics (HBC makeup line) has been advancing carefully to bout Ever Bilena's rank in the local cosmetics industry. San San Cosmetics consistently launches new products that are budget-friendly for frugal shoppers like me. This is when product reviews come in handy because consuming cosmetics have that "use at your own risk" trend. In short, it's totally up to your discretion.

San San Foundation Cream has Vitamins A, C, and E, SPF content and Arbutin. Arbutin sounds alien to me so I searched about it and what it does. 

Most importantly, it doesn't contain Paraben. That is another 'wow' factor for me.

That being said, I will be bringing you a product review on one of San San's new collections. San San Foundation Cream's packaging has the usual light blue and dark gray color scheme. The compact is made of hard plastic that is sturdy enough compared to glass containers that break when you become jumpy and careless to drop them. It comes with a sponge in a different compartment separating it from the cream. Just twist the compact to access the cream. This design is for hygiene purposes, I reckon.

I find the tan and white swirl effect on the product itself, well uhmm...cute and interesting. Interesting only because it's unique. I'm guessing this was designed to neutralize the cream's shade that would suit any complexion.Yes, San San Foundation Cream just comes in one shade. Purple Heiress, a fellow blogger, also exclaimed that this shade matched her morena (tanned) complexion. So, I put it as a "one-shade-suits-all" kind of foundation. I have yet to try have tried  this on my mom to make sure if it would also match her skin color (she's got brown complexion; kayumanggi) and it did!

While on the experimental phase, I tried rubbing the sponge against the product in a circular motion. It picked up quite a dark tan cream color so I fretted a little bit for it might be too dark for my complexion again. Surprisingly, it matched my complexion and the cream was easy to blend. It wowed me and I considered as its second reason why you should give this a try. I rubbed the sponge against it again concentrating on the white swirl this time and it gave me a lighter tan shade.

You can see in the photo above how it brightened up half of my face in just one layer leaving the other side with under eye dark circle, my eternal nocturnal dilemma. During this time, my right eye bag is bulgier than the other due to unknown reasons. It's because of lack of sleep, maybe? I don't know. That is why it's important for me to find a holy grail that would give a full coverage in concealing my Panda-like under eye. Of course, changing my bad sleeping habit is another remedy to it, as well.

It made me look fresher at least, after applying the foundation cream on my entire face. This foundation cream worked as foundation cum concealer to those who already tried it but not in my case. I had to aid it with San San Concealer (which I will be reviewing soon) to lighten my under eye part. It is severe, I know. On some occasions, I still use a tone corrector especially if I'm going for a cleaner and flawless look.

Other San San product reviews: 

My skin looks good in photos but my enlarged pores are visible when viewed up close. This product failed in this department. I commend Avon 15-in-1 CC cream when it comes to reducing visible pores, plus it gives velvety finish that makes your skin more glowing and radiant looking. It has something to do with the consistency, I must say. Foundation cream is creamier, hence the name, while the latter glides on well across the skin. Anyway, I won't carry on with the comparison because BB/CC creams have different formulation as to foundation's.

San San Foundation Cream has that skin-light factor but gives a little sticky feeling. This won't work if you are planning to wear this especially when you're on for a whole-day outdoor activity. You see the amount of the product that gets transferred to a blotting sheet, I wonder how much product is left on my face. I have normal to combination skin type but this foundation tends to oil up my t-zone area easily.

I noticed a hint of white cast near my right temple and I am not quite sure if it's caused by the foundation cream or the concealer I aided it with.

Three hours after my first touch up, my t-zone appeared shinier and oilier. I blotted again and this product's performance continues to survive even if it transfers each touch up. My eye makeup is still in tact but the under eye darkness started to appear even after blotting. I tested myself how much stickiness/oiliness I can endure and I just lasted for three more hours. I have finally given up at 8:30 pm. 

It is safe to say that San San Foundation Cream lasted for 6 hours. The foundation cream's remnant was still layered on my face; it finally ceased concealing my skin imperfections beyond six hours. 


- Inexpensive for its price (P170)
- Available nationwide
- Sturdy and hygienic type of packaging
- One shade suits all types of complexion
- No intolerable scent of rubber (unlike other San San products I have tried before)
- Glides on well across the skin
- Doesn't contain Paraben

Neutral insight

- I won't complain about its longevity as the manufacturer didn't claim it, in the first place.
- It says in the package "it lightens dark spots". That explains why it didn't completely conceal them.
- Light to medium coverage.


- Shows minimal white cast in photos (because of its SPF content)
- Not for combination and oily skin as it easily oils up T-zone area
- Not that wearable in summer
- It excessively transfers when blotting

POV:  Warm climate has set in so soon in where I am, so, I might not repurchase. I would recommend the use of this product during indoor events like client meetings, going shopping at the mall and those activities that won't require rigid traveling. San San Foundation Cream is best suited for dry skin type. Nonetheless, P170 is still a great snatch and you won't feel major disappointment purchasing it. I will give this another try using different blending strokes and a better setting powder. This product deserves a second chance, in my opinion.

There you have it, my comprehensive review on San San Foundation Cream. I hope you find it useful and helpful. Until my next blog post, dear RaveViewers. Have a blessed day to all of you!


  1. Thanks for this review sis! Am planning to buy one too once it's on sale! Hihi :)))

    1. Yay! I'm looking forward to seeing your review on this product, too. Thank you, sis!


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