Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How To Take Better Selfies

Have you ever wondered why they take better selfies than you do? That doesn't mean they (at least not every one) resort to various editing applications just to manipulate their default photos, maybe, they just know how to do it right.Well, instead of endlessly alluding like a baby and immaturely comparing yourself to others on social media, here are some tips how to take selfies properly:

Finding the right angle

Straight-face shots are okay but not flattering all the time especially if your face is wide like mine. There is nothing wrong with having a wide face shape but if you want to look slimmer in photos, you better stay away from the poses done in 90s and tweak your posing style.

Tip: If you want to have a slimmer face, try tilting your head a little bit and avoid looking straight to your camera. Focus on your most flattering angle which is the most balanced and symmetrical; it could be the right or left side of your face. No one knows your face better than you.

Moreover, extending your arm out helps reduce the bloated face effect. Holding your camera up high gives you the illusion of bigger eyes and longer neck while placing your camera below your chest level will just showcase your double chin.

P.S. Do you look better when you smile with your teeth showing? Or without?
Bad vs. good posture

Elongating your neck will make your photo slimmer, too. Bad posture will just accentuate your bad angles and bulges.

Pay attention to your camera's orientation

Knowing the difference between landscape and portrait orientation in your camera makes a lot of difference. Some lenses make your face even wider when landscape orientation is used while portrait makes some faces way longer and slimmer. Remember not to hold the camera too close to your face. Your camera's distance is another factor to consider.

Find your light

If you want your face to look brighter, turn towards the main light source (e.g. window). You can also have the back lit effect by turning away from the light which will make your photos softer and more mysterious.

The power of makeup artistry (totally optional)

I usually take selfies if I have a new look to showcase or a new blog post to promote to my readers. Being a lifestyle blogger that I am who usually tackle things about cosmetic reviews, beauty hacks and so on, I make use of makeup to enhance my features. Contour and highlight is one of the best ways to emphasize assets and conceal unflattering features to achieve better selfies. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with it as long as it's done in moderation. Lastly, I'd better use makeup rather than undergoing a cosmetic surgery; expensive and risky.

Don't 'FLASH' it

Avoid using flash in your photos as it gives you an unnatural lighting and it overpowers your features.

Make a background check

Check your background because no one wants to see things that are unpleasant to the eyes. Do you remember the couple who took their photo together having a burning building (Burj Khalifa if I'm not mistaken) as their backdrop? Don't give bashers the reason to bash and bully you.


Don't take a selfie showing off your cleavage then ask for respect. Don't make fun of yourself. Just don't.

Don't overdo it and know your limitations

  • Nothing is more annoying than having a cloned default picture using a 6-photo-layout collage (some use 9). To be honest, your friends don't really get the point. Collage is used when you want to showcase mixture of pictures and not just your single cloned face.
  • Posting more than a couple of selfies a day is some kind of attention-grabbing disorder. One is enough, please.
  • Over-filtering and over-editing defeat the purpose of this how-to blog post. Furthermore, these apps cause your facial features' disappearance (barely-there nose, wax-looking faces, etc.)
Thought to ponder on: No matter how good you are at appearing pretty in front of the camera, it still doesn't define your personality and real attitude as a person. Everyone can be beautiful in their own way if they learn to appreciate and love themselves. Be BE-YOU-tiful inside out.

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