Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Improve Your Online Shopping Experience With BPI My ePrepaid Card

I didn't hesitate to get myself a prepaid card when BPI launched its first re-loadable card a few years ago. It works almost the same as credit and debit card but it's prepaid, hence, the product's name. I chose my ePrepaid card over a credit card for three apparent reasons:
  1. I don't want to incur hidden charges and be overcharged!
  2. I can easily set my shopping limits since I used to be an impulsive shopper.
  3. I cringe at the idea of using other company's money rather than my own because it psychologically pushes me to bite off more than I can chew (which elaborates # 2).
I have an ATM card from the same bank but it doesn't function as debit card so I can't also use it as a payment tool whenever I shop so I went for prepaid card. I find it even more practical because it's easier to top up my prepaid card through the help of BPI Express App installed in my mobile phone. In case, you also want to have a convenient shopping experience, just follow this simple guideline on how to apply for your very own BPI My ePrepaid

Let me share different establishments with you where I successfully had online transactions using my ePrepaid card.
  • Metrodeal - It is one of the leading group buying sites in the Philippines. I have tried buying several deals with them like restaurant and travel deals, which I can vouch for. However, I had an unpleasant experience with them when I bought an electronic gadget for my god son. Read here to learn more about the said experience.  
  • Supercell - I remember buying a pile of gems for P235 because I badly wanted another builder. See? I told you I could be desperate like that.
  • Spotify - This is one of the apps I didn't mind paying its membership fee for because I can download unlimited songs and listen to them offline. I would have waited longer, had I known they'd be coming up with P9 premium membership for three months on initial sign-up.
  • Althea Korea - I'm still waiting for the goods to arrive, though. Here's a quick story about why I ended up ordering from Althea instead. The original beauty site that I was supposed to buy products from declined my prepaid card. I contacted the beauty site's support team and my concern was handled in a very accommodating fashion (which I decided to talk about on a separate blog for an in-depth customer service review).

  • Asia Fashion Wholesale - Goods here are really cheap but I vowed not to shop here again because of the unreasonable amount of custom duties and tax I incurred before shipping the items to me. I know it well by now. Enough.
  • Philippine Airlines - A friend of mine who also doesn't own a credit card availed one of PAL's flight promos. It's a good way to book a flight online if you're running out of time.
Some ePrepaid card holders say that they had theirs registered with PayPal; something I'm not that certain about because I haven't tried it myself.  

That concludes my shopping experience using BPI's ePrepaid card. I hope this short blog post somehow enlightened those who are contemplating going for prepaid cards in lieu of their credit cards. Feel free to leave a comment below should you have further questions about the whole application and utilization process.

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