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10 Beauty Hacks A Girl Must Know

I'm sure that every makeup enthusiast like me has pieces of beauty hacks (or even more) handy to utilize when the need arises. These beauty hacks that we know are something that we love sharing with our girlfriends or BAEs. I think my passion for reading and exploring things helped me big time in leveling up my hacking ability when it comes to skin care and everything in the beauty sphere.

Today, I'm so thrilled to cut the pie and share slices with you by telling which of the numerous beauty hacks have been working on me so far. Let me tell you that some of which were acquired from other generous beauty gurus' tips. Some were meekly discovered by yours truly due to my perseverance to make every product available work. It gets more exciting if I find something similar on the internet. That only shows that DIY lovers think and hack alike. You'll notice that the ones I 'discovered' myself are already existing or being practiced long before by others but my version's a little tweaked according to my liking or fitness at the time of 'discovery'. I'm not certain if that makes sense. But before we get to the hacks, let me tell you the reasons first why I got myself into beauty/life hacking or DIYing.

One reason is that the area where I live is not as abundant as it is in the Metro when it comes to beauty or skin care products. That is one thing I sacrificed when I decided to leave the capital of my country. Hey, I don't live in a cave but of course, the variety of products at Watson's or departments stores accessible in my area is quite limited. Online shopping is just one transaction away but still, not all I want is affordable. For those who found out about my blog just now, yes, I've been practicing frugality for over two years now. Since I love creating, why not come up with something that is practically almost the same yet economical and most of all, not as expensive as the one in the market. Before you even turn away from my blog, here are my favorite beauty hacks of all time:

How to take advantage of the products you regret purchasing?

1. Don't linger on your feeling of disappointment if you have some cheap lip liners or lip products that don't perform well on your lips due to poor or drying formula. You can still make use of them and make them work, work, work, work. All you need to do is place them on top of your fridge or working CPU (or try other appliances that heats up quickly when turned on) and turn them into creamy products. The heat will soften the wax content of the liner that will result to a creamier consistency. It would make them easier to glide on your lips and gives a better color pay off.

2. Do you have a-year-old mascara that is about to dry up and you have no idea how to revive it? Place it under your armpit for 10-15 minutes before using. Don't worry because there's no discomfort at all other than the similar feeling of having an oversized thermometer under your arm/s. Other girls would place their mascara between their cleavage, whichever you prefer. The heat would then again change the consistency of the dried up product and enables you to reuse it. After 10 minutes, take the wand out and clear the clumps using a sheet of wet tissue or a wet piece of cloth so it allows the tip of the applicator gather ample amount of the product. Voila, start wiggling it against them lashes! You'll be delighted that you're able to bring your mascara back to life.

3. Does your concealer crease on you all the time? Say goodbye to this eternal dilemma of yours/ours because there's a quick and simple solution to this. What we usually do prior to putting on our makeup is priming our entire face but we neglect the most important part which is our under eye area. Since our under eye is the most fragile part of our skin for having a very thin layer, moisturizing it extensively is a must. It is prone to fine or premature lines if we don't pay much attention to it. It deserves enough moisture more than any part of our skin should get. 
Grab your favorite moisturizer or eye cream and apply a generous amount to your under eye. Leave it for a few good minutes just to re-hydrate the part where creasing usually takes place. It doesn't only smoothen your under eye but the moisturizer serves as a 'filler' as well. It minimizes the visible lines and leaving it so soft and ready for a layer of concealer then do the baking technique, right after. Bonus tip: Avoid putting any foundation (more so if it's liquid) on your under eye if you're going to use concealer on it. Foundations and concealers don't have similar formulation so it's but normal that they won't blend together well which would result to patchiness or creasing. Remember, less is more.

4. Dilemma: Your favorite lip scrub has ran out. Remedy: Olive oil and brown sugar mixture, which is usually present in every household. To be honest, I don't buy lip scrub because these inexpensive household products are enough to exfoliate my lips/skin. Aside from its effectiveness in removing flaky dead skin from your lips, it also seals in moisture and gives you that naturally plump and smooth lips. Bonus: It's all natural and doesn't contain harsh ingredients harmful to the skin!
5. Washing our face with facial wash and water alone is no any good because it doesn't remove the deep-seated dirt caused by multiple makeup products we use. In the event that washing off mascara from my lashes becomes real struggle, my virgin coconut oil has never failed me in doing its job - as my makeup remover. Again, it's all-natural so it's not harsh on the skin.

6. Are you still a student and your allowance is not sufficient to purchase extra skin care products you've been eyeing for? Or a mom that prioritizes her child's needs over expensive cosmetic brands? Taking care of your skin should not cause you an arm and a leg. Why not try fresh milk (preferably cold) and oatmeal as facial mask? I learned that others would add a teaspoonful of honey, but I like my facial mask less sticky so I skip it. All you need to do is to mix one part of cold fresh milk and one part of oats into a bowl until it reaches a paste-like texture. After refrigerating the mixture for about 5-10 minutes, you may now apply it onto your face and neck. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and thoroughly  rinse your face with cold water, leaving your skin extra smooth and supple.What is not to love about this facial mask recipe? It's homemade, inexpensive and easy to prepare. 

P.S. A good friend of mine told me about turmeric and milk (with flour) facial mask and it delivers great results, too! I have yet to try it though and will definitely keep you posted.
7.  Have you got sparse eyelashes and you struggle putting on your falsies especially on special occasions that you have to glam yourself up? Oh well, wrestle no more. With the help of some baby powder underneath your go-to mascara, you'll get that fuller and natural looking eyelashes in just a blink of an eye. You don't have to worry about falling off falsies anymore. Trust me, this remedy is super dependable and adds extra oomph to your then-sparse lashes.

8. A quick remedy in getting rid of puffy eyes due to lack of sleep or swollen eyes from drama-movie marathon the previous night is two bags of green tea (I use water-soaked bags of green tea for better results). As we know, green tea has a lot of mint herbs that are beneficial to our body as well as best for soothing puffed eyes! Its cooling effect helps relax mildly swollen eyes and subsides stressed look. I would say gently pressing a cold (chilled) spoon around eye works best, as well.
9. It doesn't matter if your visage is zit-free because let's FACE it, our enlarged pores bother us all the time. I used to have closed skin pores when I was younger but due to inevitable phase of aging, I noticed that my face especially that of my T-zone area began to cradle large and LOUD pores. What do I do to minimize their visibility? I wash my face with cold water (iced cold is the best) every morning and before putting on base products such as foundation, BB, CC, DD and every letter in the Alphabet cream (haha!). This beauty hack also helps tighten facial muscles.
10. 'How to keep your perfume last longer' is one of the first beauty tips we learned from our moms, right? Now that we are all grown-ups, we realized that this beauty hack has evolved through out the decades. We are already aware that spraying your perfume on our pulse points such as on your neck, back of your ears, your wrists, and behind your knees helps prolonging the hint of your pleasant smell. But there is one thing we should know about this hack as what they taught us is somewhat outdated (I love you, ma! LOL!). Fragrances tend to evaporate more quickly from dry skin so apply a layer of moisturizer onto the mentioned pulse points to keep your perfume last longer. BONUS: Hold fragrance far from your body for at least 5-7 inches away. If your skin gets wet from your perfume, then you're holding it too closely.
There you have my first batch of beauty hacks and I hope you find them useful and practical because that is what Rave and View aims for. I might post more beauty hacks on a regular basis if you want me to. Feel free to let me know and share some of your fabulous beauty hacks on the comment box below, if you feel like it. Don't forget to subscribe if you love receiving updates if you haven't already. 
Thanks for dropping by and until my next one, sweet RaveViewers.

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