Tuesday, February 23, 2016

MeNow True Lips | First Impression

Do you know why I am so pumped up right now? Well, it is not because of MeNow True Lips but because as of writing, one of my favorite Youtube Content Creators (Wil Dasovich of Tsong & Tsonggo) found time to drop by my IG page and liked some of my posts there. Not much of a deal? For me, it is. That guy is as busy as an entire swarm. If you follow his channel on Youtube, you will know what I am talking about. Okay, okay, back to my MeNow True Lips - First Impression post.

Oh so you also noticed that I have only swatched 11 shades, huh? Yes, that is right, 12 pencils but just 11 shades because apparently, they sent me two of #46. I'm not sure if this only happened to me or to all who purchased this stuff. Could you please let me know by leaving a comment below? (And that rhymes, yeah!) Thank you so much!

Let me carry on with my rant galore, please. First of all, I didn't see any special thing about #46 so why send me two of them? Second, they probably thought of sending the buyers two pieces of #46 because they think this would compensate this shade's unattractiveness? Or maybe someone has switched it in exchange of the better shade? I DON'T KNOW!

Packaging:  Well, MeNow (mee-naw) has definitely captured my femininity with lots of pinks and swirls going on. It really got me there. By the way, it is made in ROC.

Price: P350/dozen. It is affordable, damn right. But I got what I have just paid for. I am not happy with these lip pencils, to be honest. Out of the 12 (or 11) shades, I just picked 5 that have passed my liking (but still mediocre color pay off).

In fact, one of my readers, voiced her thoughts out on this product. Here it is...

I even exfoliated my lips before trying these out because the pencils were packaged as if they were darn good. But to my disappointment, they are not. I would probably keep #57, #58 and #55, though. If you are a student and a makeup newb, you may want to purchase MeNow True Lips Pencil. But if money is not an issue, go find another brand but this. I won't repurchase. That goes without saying.

I hope this straightforward post has eased your curiosity about this product and may you find this helpful. Thanks for dropping by and until my next one. 

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  1. It´s very disappointing when products do not perform accordingly. I have bought some very affordable ones before with little expectation but they turned out great and even comparable to more expensive brands. x

    1. It really is. I had high hopes on this despite its price. But yeah, I was not happy.


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