Friday, March 25, 2016

Essence All About Matt Foundation | Review

I've been meaning to purchase this and try it out if it's really got matte finish to it and so my gorgeous friend bought it for me for only 19 AED (P228). Finally, I will be able to do a review on this and let you guys know which skin type would it work on and what not. If you want to know my thoughts about it, then keep on reading.

Essence All About Matt Oil-free Makeup has 30ml of product in this slim squeeze-tube. It is perfect for traveling because of its handy packaging and it's got a screw type nozzle so it's easier to dispense. I just get OC a little a bit when some of the product settles into the tiny nozzle so be careful not to spurt it.

This matte foundation's consistency (which by the way in the shade matte vanilla) is in the middle of runny and thick so that it makes it easy to blend. If you're wondering about its fragrance, well, it has a slight 'makeup' fragrance that doesn't bother my sniffer at all.

I like how it's water-based because I have a combination skin type. My T-zone tends to oil up quickly if I use a foundation with sticky formula and the climate where I live is also one of the culprits. If you live in a tropical country like mine, going for water-based cosmetics would be a brilliant choice.

Essence All About Matt claims to be an oil-free make up so it won't supposed to make my skin oily for 12 hours. With that said, I'm ecstatic to find out if it would really mattify my face that long. As you can see, I have redness going on in my skin not to mention my eternal dilemma - panda eyes.

True to its claim, it really covered my redness and minimized my pores. Wooohooo!!! It is fine by me that this foundie has light to medium coverage because I don't really want to look like as if it's FOUNDATION DAY!

In the photo below, my entire face has already been covered by the product including my under eyes. Although, the amount of the product I applied on my under eyes is minimal so there will still be room for  concealer and I wouldn't want it to crease on me.

So I did my entire face with full makeup on but I decided to not set it with powder because I didn't want to double mattify it. This foundation's matteness is not as flat as I expected and it's not dewy either. 

I did a lot of things in between like reviewing other products, too. If you notice, my lipstick's shade did change (winks). I noticed no change on my face except that it has gotten better after the product settled on my skin. After 2pm, I thought of turning off the AC so as I can test if the product would still remain matte in a more humid situation.

I was kind of expecting it already but Surprisingly, it kept the oil at bay and it was only once I blotted at around 9:30pm and everything is still in tact apart from my lipstick. Goodness gracious! I'm not raving about it because I got it as a present but even if I purchased it myself, I won't be having second thoughts to get one again because it is really worth the cost.


- affordable
- easy to blend
- water-based
- long lasting
- it mattifies my face BIG TIME
- it minimizes pores
- handy
- no intolerable scent 
- it doesn't cake
- available both online/offline (but...)

- although it is available in leading department stores, other shades are not available so you have to order it online in that event

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This needs a repurchase and that goes without saying. I hope you find this review helpful and please let me know if there is something about it you didn't like. Kindly leave me a comment below and tell me about it. Also, please don't forget to subscribe if you have not already to receive updates on reviews as such. Have a blessed weekend!!!


  1. Nice review. Their Pure Skin BB Cream is good too :)

    1. Thanks, sis. I'd definitely try that out. 💕


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