Sunday, March 27, 2016

Oriflame Seductive Palette | First Impression

Some of the makeup enthusiasts who are in their mid-30s like myself find it a little daunting to play with bright colors as we might be labeled as someone who ages backwards or tumatanda ng paurong in my native tongue. What's with that notion, by the way? I came up with that because that is how conventional people think especially towards fashion trends.

Now, with Oriflame Seductive palette, you wouldn't expect to come up with a-not-so-overpowering-look because of the shades available are quite of cramped (at least that's what I thought at first). I will be elaborating more on that later as we go. Meanwhile, let's talk about the packaging.

Seductive Palette retails at P350

Packaging: This synthetic medium-sized palette which is intricately designed, is sturdy I would say. It has beautiful graphics in its exterior along with the brand in gold text. I think that makes the overall packaging quite artsy. Inside, it comes with a mirror (just enough size to make room for the entire face), one small blush brush, sponge applicator and a lip brush. They could have taken these tools out and made way for a couple of pots for shadows instead. Even beginners would find these futile anyway, unless they've just started building their makeup tool collection and they're left with no choice but use what's available.

Pigmentation: I ended up loving all the shades available in the palette. I'm not a big fan of sheen shadows but the selection in this palette made me fall for them. I like how pigmented they are especially the matte ones. They have subtle creaminess to it so I didn't have to deal with fall outs. As of the six lip glosses, I'd rather not talk about them because they didn't work on me. Don't worry, I'd still find a way to make them work, work, work. You know me, I'm persistent just like that.

Finally, this is the look I went for. I was able to use all the eye shadow hues in this look including the blush. I will highlight this palette's blush shade on a separate post. You'll know why...soon. Again, thank you Couch Wasabi for this beautiful palette and for choosing me as your reader of the month.

- affordable
- all shades are pigmented
- they're not powdery so no need to deal with fall outs
- sturdy packaging

- couldn't find a local distributor (not sure where to redirect you guys if you want the same palette)
There you go, RaveViewers! I hope you did find this first impression entertaining and useful if ever you want to purchase it online. If you have this palette, would you show me what makeup vibe you went for? Let's chat on Instagram and Twitter!

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