Sunday, July 19, 2015

Haul: Ever Bilena Cosmetics

Being true to this blog's promise - to bring you my cosmetic discovery/adventure; today's blog is about my latest haul. Ever Bilena is nation-widely known for its quality and affordability. I will soon be doing a makeup look using these products so stay tuned. 

First, let's talk about the eyeshadow palette. I've heard a good review about this from one of my favorite youtubers/bloggers Anne Clutz. So, I might as well try it too and this just cost me P120. Second is the Perfect Eyebrow Pencil in medium brown for only P60. I've been using this before I discovered San San's Retractable Eyebrow Pen but I am just blogging about it now. Next, I got my self two matte lippies too in Storm (my all time favorite shade) and Vamp Red for P165 each. Another lip product I got is the lip pencil in Deep Purple and Maroon Red for P100 each. I wore deep purple yesterday and I got disappointed by it. I'll talk about it in a separate post though. Also, I got another lip liner called Pro Lip Liner in the shade of Rose for only P60.

The last thing I got in this haul is the Thick Lash Mascara (review here) for P85 which I forgot to include in the photo because I'm so sloppy. 

Everything, for a total of P855... Let's see if these babies are worth their prices or would go beyond my expectations. 

What are your favorite Ever Bilena products? Have you also tried their BB Cream? What's your verdict? Thanks for stopping by and until my next post! 

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