Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ever Bilena Thick Lash Mascara | REVIEW

I just work at the very comfort of my home so wearing makeup isn't included in my daily routine. But since, I am a makeup enthusiast, I still buy and continue to build my collection up for future purposes and to at least try different products, be it drug store or high end (I wish). As I am not blessed with thick and long lashes, I think, mascara is something that I need to brighten up my eyes especially on the days that I want to doll up. As promised, here's my review of one of the products from my recent haul - Ever Bilena Thick Lash Mascara

As you can see, Ever Bilena Thick Lash Mascara has a short wand that gives you better control when applying the product on your lower lashes. It only cost me P85 for 4 grams and is easy to consume just before it dries up. It's not bulky and saves a lot of space in your kikay kit especially when you travel. Below is a photo of my bare and intertwined short lashes.

Despite their shortness, they are already curled up so my eyelash curler is the least used makeup tool that I have. Photo below shows my lashes with one coat of the product. Note: Lower lashes remained bare in this photo.

This mascara's consistency is a little thinner so it doesn't not build clumps between each strand of your lashes. The short wand helps distribute the product evenly. 

What I like?
  • it's budget friendly
  • it's compact 
  • easy to control and apply
  • applicator's bristles enable you to distribute the product evenly
  • doesn't build up clumps
What I dislike? 
  • it's not waterproof 
I have yet to find out if it dries up easily and how much product do I have in the tube before it runs out. I recommend this to students and beginners who are looking for affordable mascara without hurting their pockets. 

What about you, could you please recommend a good mascara and yet economical, too?

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