Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How To Fix A Broken Makeup (Pressed Powder & Eyeshadow)

Having mood swings that time of the month is something men couldn't fathom. All the more when we get broken-hearted when one of our compacts break (two in my case). It is beyond frustrating especially if it still unused. I've seen a lot of ways on Pinterest so I don't take credit for this and that is what I want to share it with you. 

We are just going to be needing two materials in salvaging our broken makeup: alcohol and spatula/small knife (three including a sheet of tissue).

1. Prepare all the materials and find a flat working surface.
2. Cover the broken product with plastic so it won't get messy when you break the chunks.
3. Drench it with alcohol.
4. Place a sheet of tissue on top and find a flat object to flatten the dissolved product/powder and to absorb excess moist.

And you just need to let it dry over night. Same goes with broken blush and eyeshadow. It's ready to use the next day. My tone correcting powder didn't regain its design but it's been reshaped. I noticed that eyeshadows are much easier to form and dry up.

I love this trick as it saves you from buying a new one and prevents you from disposing what can still be restored. Thank you for reading and until my next post. Have a fabulous day, RaveViewers!

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