Friday, July 24, 2015

KFC's CHIZZA - "Is it worth the hype?"

What do we usually feel upon seeing ads that are truly enticing? We get curious, right? Especially if the endorser is at the peak of his/her career and being idolized by many. Yes, I am equally guilty. So now, I'm jumping on the bandwagon just to end this fuzz. LOL!

This tiny box costs P120. If you are starving and have a big tummy to fill, what's inside might not stuff you but just enough for two dainty girls.

As you can see, the pizza sauce was not evenly distributed. There are some parts of the CRUST having no sauce and it saddened my eyes and my belly. Its presentation was unsavory. I know, I know that ads make you expect that is actually far from reality. See? But, considering good quality should come first. The REALITY photo didn't even fill the whole box like it's shown in the EXPECTATIONS photo.

TBH, there is nothing special about The Chizza. It is just a mere fusion of two delectable food. It's just a PORTMANTEAU. A hybrid. Don't even get me started because I could just go on and on and on...Not worth it. Sorry, KFC.

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