Wednesday, July 29, 2015

EverBilena Eyeshadow 5 Shades {Sunset Cafe} | REVIEW

Do you still remember my first eyeshadow palette review? I guess, it's true that we just get to learn how good a product is if there's something to compare it to. So, in this case, Ever Bilena Advance Eyeshadow 5 Shades is better when it comes to pigmentation and longevity. 

For the longest time, I've been a fan of EB's matte lipsticks just because. I think it's about time to delve into other products of EverBilena cosmetic line. First let's talk about its design. To be honest, I find it a little tacky. In my opinion, it could have been better if they just omitted the floral stencil to make it a lot more sleek without overpowering the intricate texture of the product. But of course, who am I to be picky when I only paid for it for P120 ($2.66)?

This palette comes in 5 shades, thus its model name. The shades are combination of shimmer and matte ones. It is made of plastic and it comes with a small sponge applicator which is fixed by a cellophane tape (not a good idea). As you can see, there are already fall-outs on the edges of the palette but not disturbing though. As for the sturdiness of each of the pot, be mindful of not dropping it so you won't break it. You don't want to end up breaking it into pieces. If it's really inevitable, this post will teach you how to restore it.

Looking at the ingredients at the back, it says it's not Paraben-free. Honestly, I haven't probed about how this ingredient can be harmful to human beings but what I know is that I'd rather have this in my cosmetics to keep them preserved and prevent them from being contaminated by some unidentified lurking objects. Again, I'm no expert, just sharing with you my two cents.

I couldn't give more emphasis on how pigmented these shadows are. They can last up to 4 - 6 hours depending on how oily your eyelids are, without eyelid primer. Of course, I will back that claim up with a makeup look using this particular palette in my upcoming post.

I tried smudging the swatches twice with a piece of cloth and look how they turned out. They are still adhered onto the skin so well. Would you think you misspent your P120? I think not, because just like other makeup enthusiasts cum bloggers say, "it's a good find".

  • very economical
  • local product and yet it's pigmented
  • long lasting
  • no funny odor
  • does work without an eyelid primer
  •  tacky design (forgivable)
This product is highly recommended to FRUGAL makeup enthusiasts like moi and for newbies as well. Do you have the same palette? Do you have the same thoughts as mine? Let me know, will you? Again, thanks for dropping by, RaveViewers.  

Lastly, this post is not sponsored.

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