Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oxygen G.A.S. (scent on a budget)

I'm afraid this post will be a little emotional and less straight-forward compared to my other posts. It might contradict the title a little bit but let me tell you a story that has something to do with how this body spray was introduced to me.  It was in 2010, when my father who was then fighting for his life dearly asked me (through hand gesture because he could hardly utter a word after he suffered from stroke) to buy him his favorite body spray as my final gift to him. It was only then I learned about Oxygen G.A.S. My mom confirmed it to me that he had been loving this scent so I went to the mall and bought one.

Let me give you an overview about my Pop. He was a very witty man whose vanity is over the top. He never smelled funky even in summer where people here in the Philippines usually sweat bullets. He won't go out of the house without taking a shower and wear his favorite scent. He loved wearing fresh clothes every single day. He had a huge collection of fragrances; some were local and some were imported. Brand and price didn't really matter to him so long as it smells clean and good, that would do.

I actually purchased two bottles, one for him and for myself. For those who know me well, other than Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea and (insert brand here) vanilla scents, I prefer men or unisex scents more, for that matter. After finishing a bottle of Bvlgari Aqva, no other brand had captivated me again until I got hold of Oxygen G.A.S. I love its being mild and laid back type of scent. It's not overpowering at all and you'd feel squeaky clean with it. No wonder, Pop liked it. 

I envied him for being so brave to try everything in life, from exotic dishes to (underrated) products such as this. Would you believe that I still use G.A.S. until now. Not only because the smell is not GENERIC but also its SRP is only P180 against my favorite perfume price's P2500+.

Five years ago, I just wished that Oxygen G.A.S. did not only possess the power to make a person smell good but to sustain someone's life as well, hence, its name. But I guess, life is really short and at least, this fragrance immortalizes a part of my Pop. Memories come to life whenever I wear this. What about you, do you have a particular favorite scent that reminds you of good ol' days, too?

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