Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Prizes From iWhite Korea (Photo Contest)

 I already mentioned in my previous post that I just recently won iWhite Korea's photo contest and it was my first! I am still psyched about the fact of winning until now. As promised, I'm sharing with you now the goodies as my prize including a cute tote bag. I am actually thinking of running a giveaway on my blogsarry but first I need to gather more readers from my country as I cannot afford to run an international one yet. Shipping goods internationally is a bit expensive. As of now, half of my readers are from abroad, talking about demographic group. Anyhoo, I still have six months to prepare for my blogsarry giveaway so thinking about it now would be futile. 

Here are some of the products I got and you may want to try them too as they are all inexpensive and effective. It won't hurt if you'd give it a go. 

I believe, this is iWhite Korea's new packaging for moisturizing facial wash because what I am currently emptying is in purplish tube. I am not sure if they have different packaging for their tubes and refills packs.

I also got packs of Facial Cream Whitening Vita (3 in 1). I'm not in a position to write a review for this yet since I haven't seen the effects on my skin first. I have yet to try this as well if it's best to use for makeup base. 

Honestly, I love everything about iWhite Products, hoping not to sound too biased here, but Aqua Moisturizing Cream is my FAVORITE. Its consistency is a lot thinner than the one above as it's not too concentrated but effective enough to keep your skin hydrated all the time. It is pretty blendable and a little amount goes a long way and would cover until your neck area. It has a clean-smelling scent too!

I have used the Whitening Pack (peel off mask) just once as it was a bit messy for me. I still prefer using facial mask sheets for that matter. 

I can say that iWhite Korea's nose pack really does wonders. I am quite lucky for not having protruding whiteheads but it surprised me to see a lot of them got pulled the last time I used this. It is also advisable to wash your face with cold water after using the nose pack to help close the pores. 

The last product is just the same with the Whitening Vita shown above only with a different packaging. I love how girly their new packaging is. They are travel friendly as well as they don't add bulkiness to your luggage.  You have got to try these products now to see the difference.

Given all the things that I love about these products, last but not the least is their price. If you are thinking that pampering your skin is a little bit pricey, think again. Because iWhite Korea gives you the effectiveness and satisfaction without breaking your piggy banks. Need I say more?

iWhite Korea products are available at Watson's and leading department stores nationwide. Thank you for dropping by. Until my next post. 


  1. my very first korean product that have tried is from iWhite and it was their nose pack.. then else follow.. (i love how they improved their packaging now.. at the moment i am in love with their facial cream.. second is their moisturizer.. i just found your blog via ms jirbie ♥

    1. Like you, I am so in love with iWhite products. Plus the fact that it's very affordable. Have you tried the 2-Minute Miracle Mask yet?


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