Saturday, February 20, 2016

FULLIPS: Yay or Nay?

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I have been meaning to try this since it first came out in the market. Only last year that I was able to purchase FULLIPS. After several weeks of letting these babies sit around my stockpile, I am bringing you finally my verdict about this product. 

First, don't judge me. There are days that I just want to have plumper lips, and feel sexy just like that. I always over line my lips when applying lipsticks. I am pretty much sure you have noticed that if you're a regular reader. Having plump lips make you look younger, too, when not overdone. That is something that I have been trying to achieve but didn't ever contemplate about undergoing a lip surgery. Please, no.

So, ever since these lip enhancers became available in the market, I thought of trying it out, why not? And since I rarely see Filipina beauty bloggers or beauty guru talk about this product, why not talk about it myself? Fullips lip enhancer comes in three sizes and shapes but I just got myself the medium and large one packaged as how it is shown below. 

I sterilized them first before using to guarantee hygiene. I exfoliated my lips first with brown sugar and olive oil (DIY lip scrub) to get rid of dry skin on my lips. By the way, I applied my favorite lipstick from Wet 'N Wild on purpose not to see my bruised lips after the "sucking process". It is but natural for your lips to turn purple after suction. 

I just positioned the large lip enhancer around my mouth and lip area and started sucking short puffs of air out of the enhancer. I continued sucking until I felt firmness on my lips. After 20 - 30 seconds, I gently pulled the enhancers off of my lips.

I suggest that you suck the enhancer for 20 seconds on your first attempt so you won't hurt your lips. You can also see round marks surrounding your mouth area but it disappears shortly.  I then again sucked on the enhancer for 30 seconds on my second attempt and you can tell that my lips get plumper.

I continued the same process until I reached my desired fullness. In the photo below, my lips look like I've been punched and unnatural. But don't fret, because the extreme puffiness will go away after a few minutes. 

This is how my lips look like after the inflation subsided a little bit and they look better compared to the previous photo. 


Verdict: I like the result of this lip enhancer but I don't recommend it to be used daily. It might cause lip deformation when overused. My lips go back to their normal shape after a couple of hours. Fullips lip enhancer really works. 

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  1. 💏 Victoria's secret lips! Did you get any skin reactions the day after? x

    1. Wala naman, sis. I was very hesitant din kaya natagalan ang review nito. Pero okay lang naman pala. Bumalik din sa dati ang lips ko. LOL!

  2. hi sis! followed u na... :) teamkaye28 of IG.

    This product is weird yet cool.. heheh

    1. Oo sis, sobrang weird. Nakakatakot at first kasi parang puputok siya. Pero okay naman pala. Yun nga lang, 'di masyadong nagtatagal.


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