Thursday, October 29, 2015

Unlock Your Personal Style With Emporia

Technology has truly made shopping so convenient and uncomplicated in this day and age. Not too many years ago, e-commerce had its breakthrough and it's the noughties of 2000 when online shopping had been used as a makeshift by most of us. People used to feel uncomfortable disclosing their credit card information to cyber-shops, and now referred to as online shops. Since, e-commerce has evolved to having several payment schemes, online services and stores sprouted rapidly, giving the consumers more confidence and safety.

It's not the first time that we came across a shopping app in the Philippines that offers services with added value but it's just now that we will make use of an app that has been developed to ease our shopping dilemma. Have you ever experienced seeing fancy sunnies at a shop, a pretty dress and a pair of nice kicks at another? You are not alone. I have been in this situation for quite numerous times. These online shops (be it on Facebook or Instagram) or the operators vary when it comes to their preferred mode of payment. Some prefer accepting payments via bank deposit and some opt for money transfer method. I used to go to one bank for shop A, and another for shop B. Fret no more, because UPRISE, a tech business incubator, is bringing us the newest mobile app in town that has your favorite online shops - EMPORIA.

Emporia is a bazaar-department store for the cyberspace that features young, new and independent brands. It aims to put together these brands in one digital marketplace to support the ever-growing community of online sellers and shoppers. Digital entrepreneurs can scale up their online shops and generate sales faster by leveraging on the marketing support that Emporia provides, while online buyers can be confident of a secured marketplace that provides a variety of unique and one-of-a-kind merchandise.

Emporia App is compatible with Android operating system. Certainly, it would also support iOS soon. It's a light weight app; 8.25mb in size and it doesn't consume much of your mobile device's storage. 

This APP has a minimalist theme, I would say. It has a very simple yet classy interface and navigation is just a piece of cake. When you tick 'brands" on the drop down menu, you will see a "petition button" integrated at the bottom part of the page. This special and keen idea that allows every user to make a petition of their favorite shops they think represent their own style and makes the app one of its kind. Just type in the shop name, Facebook ID or its Instagram ID then click on 'send'. On the other tab called - Love For Shop, this shows the list of petitioned shops so users are kept updated at all times.

Currently, Emporia is already carrying seven brands/shops (Classique Apparel, Stash Manila, URBN Kulture, Dugout MNL, Aveadena, Posh Boutique and Tozza) to think that the app is just newly launched. It anticipates forthcoming partnerships with more independent brands expeditiously. All brands mentioned boast high quality products and are proudly Philippine made.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the ease of online shopping now and unlock your personal style with Emporia. You may download the app from here. If you are an online seller looking for the perfect avenue to showcase your collection, you may visit the following:

Instagram: @emporiaph

You may email Uprise for further inquiries. 

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