Monday, October 26, 2015

Blogapalooza 2015 at One Esplanade

Heads up, my lovely RaveViewers! This post is going to be a little longer than my usual posts but not enough to make two parts so I must carry on with it and let's get started. Yesterday was an awesome day. I went to my very first Blogapalooza Event, held at One Esplanade, Pasay City. Yes, it's my first time to participate but I came prepared. I brought some business cards (thanks to my fellow bloggers whose tips were very useful!) and wore a comfy but appropriate get up for the said event. Segue: After the event, I found an article from When In Manila, giving tips on how to be a classy blogger. I have been a classy one especially during the event after assessing myself. 

I am not from Manila, for some who are not aware. I had to leave my city at 5 in the morning to be able to arrive in the venue on time. I took and got off the bus at the terminal in Pasay and hopped into a cab to get to One Esplanade. I knew the event was until 9pm but I wanted to come early to see the whole place before the crowd get in the way.

I was welcomed by the organizers and let me search for my name/URL in one of the tablets provided for the bloggers on the list. There were at least 6 stations for the bloggers and guests so it didn't take a minute for us to sign in. They handed me my name badge and headed inside. 

This year's Blogapalooza event had four seasons theme. Winter Blvd. was situated near the entrance followed by Summer Street. Autumn Avenue was at the middle part of the building and Spring Lane was at the far end of the building. Each sponsor had to design their booths/kiosk as per the season designated to them. Cool concept, eh? The stage was in the middle of the building so it won't be missed by the attendees. 

I didn't get to visit each kiosk until my +1 arrived at 1pm. She requested me not to so we could enjoy roaming around the entire venue together. The photo below shows the list of sponsors who graced this year's event. It was also co-presented by When In Manila.

I didn't get to take photos of all the participating brands because of some obstruction. But here are some:

You may have probably heard of Grand Videoke on Eat Bulaga's Kalyeserye segment. Well, you will have another reason to purchase this apart from it is being promoted on the said noon time show. It has amazing features and videoke buffs like I, must have one of these. A separate article about Grand Videoke will be posted soon.

If any of you who is still chasing after your dream job but having enough self-esteem is your issue, John Robert Powers is there to help you enhance and improve not only your communication skills but interpersonal skills, as well. Learn more here.

EMPORIA is the Philippines' newest digital platform that features a variety of online brands, offering convenience and security in cyberspace shopping.

Bored of your usual phone cases and you want something that would best define your personality? Get bored no more because The Diff got you. They have so many unique and cool designs to choose from that cannot be found else where. One more thing, is that you can customize your own design to bring out the artist in you.

 Bambu, the footwear hub!

Snipe App

  Food Panda - the leading mobile and online food ordering marketplace

Confession: I was not able to fill out the form the organizers handed me to let them know how to improve on holding their succeeding events. So I thought of doing it in this post. I would vote for JB Music Philippines for having the BEST BOOTH over-all.

Their booth had an airy and inviting atmosphere. They had a small reception table in front and just enough space for their photobooth. You can also have a copy of your photo in just a couple of minutes. The entire staff was very friendly and smiling through out the event. To top it all, they really rocked when it comes to their pasabog. They invited four of the best group/musicians in the local scene.

Never did I expect that I'd see this guys again. I did a couple of interviews with them featured in the magazine I used to write for. They are still cool as ever. They happen to encounter a lot of new people every day because they are famous. But it surprised me when Mike exclaimed: "Nasa Eastwood siya during our album launch 'di ba?" Tongue-tied. RIVERMAYA just rocks!

Same as with this man Mr. Ebe Dancel. We used to write reviews for the same magazine I used to work for. I just met him once and again, in this event and his ability to remember people as well, just wowed me. One of the most brilliant song-writers I know.

One of the highlights of my Blogapalooza experience was seeing a vlogger I didn't expect to see in the event. I saw her standing next to the person I was speaking with. I had to excuse myself just to approach her because I didn't want to miss the chance. 

With Anne Clutz and my favorite kid, Jeya!!! 

I started to get hooked with her daily vlogs when I 'discovered' her and her family last year. Watch them and you'll love them, too.

My huge face appears at 4:53. Thanks again, Miss Anne!

I didn't stay until the event ended but I went home with my good friend loaded with surprises and joy! Meeting new people and seeing some old ones is all worth my almost 10-hour travel, back and forth. Thank you, Blogapalooza for giving more opportunities to us bloggers and for giving us reasons to embrace what we do. Until next year. 

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