Monday, November 9, 2015

Featured Product: Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0

One of the booths that caught most bloggers and guests' attention during the recently concluded Blogapalooza is the Grand Videoke booth. It was very festive and the products were showcased properly. It was situated at the far end of the hall but it was not missed because the audio set up was audible enough and truly inviting. A lot of visitors tested out Grand Videoke's newly launched product - GV Symphony 2.0, myself included. As an avid fan of karaoke and videoke, I can vouch that this is by far the most advanced videoke system in the market as far as its specifications are concerned.

I must confess, I am a music buff. To support that confession, a possession that I can really call mine, was a Karaoke system given to me by my parents on my 7th birthday. It was something similar to this...

It has two cassette tape decks and you had to collect tons of cassette tapes in multiplex or minus one format to be able to sing along with your favorite songs at that time. A multiplex/minus one tape usually comes in a small song booklet and the most challenging part was when you needed to rewind the tape to go back to the previous song or forward to skip a song. You see the hard work I had to endure just to be able to sing "Crazy For You" by Madonna or Whitney's "Didn't We Almost Have It all". Its features were very limited as compared to how karaoke systems have evolved through out the years.

In the late 90's, companies that manufacture sing-along systems made it a lot easier by introducing to us the so-called videoke. Lyrics are already on the screen for the users' convenience. More advanced equalizer feature has been integrated to most videoke machines now plus an option to amplify and beautify your voice.

But with the release of Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0, it kind of sums up all features that you look for in a videoke system. 

Voice Command

Gone are the days that you still need to look for the title of the song and type in the 4 to 5-digit number on the keypad. Let's admit it, that still makes a big fuss especially if your mood for singing is getting more intense. What's even annoying is that when a friend or a family member has queued in a lot of songs and it would take eternity before your turn just because you came in late. With the voice command feature, you can search songs and state the title of your favorite song using your voice, queue the song by saying "GeeVee" and start singing in a jiffy. How cool is that?

Equalizer-functioned Wireless Microphones

The package comes with two professional wireless microphones designed with sophistication which is similar to the clarinet's shape for easier grip. This state-of-the-art video system boasts of unique features like the microphone equalizer in which loudness, echo, reverb effects and other voice frequencies can be customized according to your liking. 

Song Recording Function 

Take pleasure in 500 minutes of recording time with a huge internal storage space of 16GB. It also has over 5,157 built in songs to choose from. Saving your songs to a (SD) memory card or USB has never been this easy peasy. You may mprove the songs you upload to your SoundCloud or Youtube Channels with the help of Grand Videoke, the first of its kind. (Read more of GV's detailed features, here.)

Grand Videoke has a lot of dealers nationwide and provides FREE shipping locally and to other specified international countries (for items worth $99 above). Service centers are also available for your repair concerns. No Grand Videoke dealer near your location? Don't fret because you can purchase a unit at their website and avail their online promos. 

You wouldn't want to miss the chance of having your own Grand Videoke System, so why wait? Get one for yourself or for a loved one and begin channeling good vibes around town by singing your heart out. 

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