Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ever Bilena Lip Pencils | Review

I have been blogging/reviewing about this brand for quite some time now - Ever Bilena, and you already know by now that it is a local brand and an affordable one. I have been meaning to try the ones from Nichido and that is on queue for review. I have been reading good feedback about them too.

Today, I am going to be reviewing Ever Bilena's lip pencils. If you are a user of this brand, you have probably noticed by now that they have two lines/collections for this product. One is EB Lip Pencil Germany and another is, EB Pro Lip Liner. I am not sure if former is imported from Germany and the latter is made in China (distributed in the Philippines). Although I have a little knowledge about its distribution, I am still particular about where it is manufactured because it makes a lot of difference in terms of the product's quality.

I have been loving Ever Bilena's matte lipsticks but surprisingly, its lip pencils color pay off was not that satisfying enough. It's good that I didn't purchase all the shades or I'd end up feeling sorry. To be fair, I like the ones in rose and brick red, respectively. But the other two didn't give a satisfying and lasting impression. Deep purple seemed to be light fuschia to me and maroon red left my lips dry and flaky. Deep purple didn't match what's shown in its swatch. Plus it looks uneven when applied on the lips. I tried exfoliating my lips and gave it another chance, to no avail. 

However, they did a good job when it comes to longevity, except for deep purple. It's probably because I am not a sloppy lipstick wearer and I don't chew on my lips especially if I have my lipstick on.


- affordable (Read: Haul for price reference)
- available nationwide (shopping malls and retailers/distributors)
- comes in a lot of shades to choose from


- needs reapplication (after eating and drinking)
- not that creamy
- dries up the lips
- has a different shade versus what's seen in the swatch (deep purple)

Again, I would recommend this product to those who are on a tight budget but still want to look good. It may not have worked on me but it may do its job on you. Don't be scared to try out things but you got to make sure if it's worth buying or what not, as well. Thank you for dropping by once again and may you have a beautiful September. 

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