Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Are All Daiso Products Made in Japan?

Daiso Stores mushroomed in the Philippines way back then and it became an instant craze among Filipino consumers.  Who wouldn't love Japanese products anyway? From kawaii packaging of each product down to uniqueness of tools for cooking, sushi-making, organizers, washi tapes, makeup kits, etc., Name it, they have it.  You would certainly be amazed of how Japanese thought of coming up with these kinds of products.

A couple of years ago (while shopping at a Daiso shop situated at the back of SM Megamall), I picked up a product, paid for it together with what I had in my basket and left. It was when I reached home that I figured out that one product I got was not made in Japan and I was quite disheartened. Of course, I had this notion that if it's from Daiso, it must be good (and made in Japan). That was the same feeling I felt last week when I purchased a product without reading the package where it was made from. Ooops, I did it (the same mistake) again!

Maybe, I just got too excited to find a caramel-scented lip balm and God knows how long I've been eyeing for one. Darn it. How could I have missed it? Anyhoo, it didn't cost a lot, but still.

 I'm sure most of you already know what I am ranting about. But for some of you who are still confident that all products found at Daiso are made in Japan, double check it and be careful of what you purchase. I know that NOT all products made in China should be avoided by consumers because they still manufacture good products, to be fair. But it would have been better if I didn't find it at Daiso, that is my point.

Why does Daiso management allow their franchise stores to sell products that are not from their country? The answer is: I DON'T KNOW. If you could tell me why, I would be over-the-moon happy. Thank you for stopping by!

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