Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Eyebrow Routine: Everbilena, Pinksies, San San (updated)

Today, I'd like to share with you my updated eyebrow routine, using three inexpensive brands - Ever Bilena, San San and Pinkies. I showed you here, how to do your brows in a simplified way using just one product. Since I want my brows to look for defined and neat, I added two more products.

Instead of using the eyebrow gel, I opted using the Ever Bilena Colorless Mascara which I got for Php 100. I use this to keep my brows in place without giving them that strong shade. I just like the subtle effect of this when applied on top of  the brow pencil.

San San Twist Eyebrow Pen's full review can be read here. I was right, this product lasted for 2 months. I have emptied it and will repurchase but in a lighter shade maybe.

Another product that has been added to my brow routine is the Pinkies Eyebrow Cake. I use this to draw on my inner brow to avoid having a harsh finish on them. I got this in Watson's for Php 169.

Below are the old photos using just one brow product:

 bare brows

drawn on brows using San San Twist Brow Pen

 (Webcam photo, pardon the resolution)
With the three products mentioned above.

Let me know of your eyebrow routine as well. I want to try the products that you use and see if they'd work on me. I appreciate you stopping by.

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