Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Collective Online Haul: Ink Heart Shop & GWY Shop

Another month has just passed by. JUST like that. Anyhoo, I will be posting a bunch of products for my first haul post ever. I've been loving an online shop named Ink Heart Shop which I already mentioned in my previous posts (here and here). I remember when I first learned about Multiply back then, I tried influencing a lot of my friends to create their accounts in the said platform as if I was getting paid for doing it. In short, if something satisfied me and made me happy in terms of excellent customer service, I'd never grow tired of promoting them (for free). That being said, this post is not sponsored. 

Ever since I started practicing frugality, I always choose to purchase things that I need and not those that I just want. Do I need these brushes? Yes, I do. Being the makeup enthusiast that I am, I would settle for cheaper brands for now, that I can afford and later on buy high end products once I become a pro. As if! Hahaha. These brushes that came with a free brush egg cost me P750 only. I'd be talking more about their quality in a separate post.

These lippy babies right here are also from Ink Heart. Prices are already indicated in my previous post as well.

Last batch of items in this haul are the Dew Dream Eye (Multi-purpose Solution) and Crystal Colored (non-grade) lenses from GWY Shop. I came to learn about this shop through one of my favorite Youtubers. My transaction with them was truly hassle-free and speedy. This solution cost me P180 and the pair of lenses were just for P250. These are from South Korea and can be used up to one year provided that they will be used and maintained properly. 

Nothing beats going shopping in physical stores, yes, I know. But online shopping is the best alternative and therapeutic as well. I hope ladies out there, would agree with me. 

Do you also know other trusted online shops on Instagram and Facebook? Do you mind sharing them with me? Thank you for reading and until my next blog post. 

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  1. Hi i am planning to order this same brushes from inkheart shop so i would like to ask your final thought about this brush set? I cant find your review about this here. Thanks๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‡


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