Thursday, March 5, 2015

Product Review: Ocean Secret SPF60 Sunblock

Cosmetics such as sunblock was not really a part of my beauty regimen until a friend based in Dubai gave me this - Ocean Secret (Sunblock Cream). I decided to rave about it because it is about to run out, hoping that my readers could tell me where to purchase it. I went to Watson's one time and asked about this product, to no avail. I tried searching it online, and unfortunately no one carries this brand, either.

What do I love this sunblock with such fervor?

  • It has an ultra light coverage and not sticky to the skin. You won't even feel that you are wearing something at all. 
  • It immediately mattifies your skin and has a soft, velvety finish.
  • It really smells good.
  • A small amount can already cover the entire face and neck.
  • It provides superior physical broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.  

It gave me a tingling sensation during my first application especially just above my cupid's bow because I excessively sweat on the part of my face. 

This is how matte it is after the application. Although I don't really expect it to cover my blemishes because I am aware that this is not a BB/CC cream/foundation or of some sort. It is a dependable buddy during a long day of an outdoor activity. 

Will I recommend it to others? YES.

Will I purchase it (again)? YES. (So please tell me where this can be found.)


  1. I just got it from Qutar,,its my first time to use,,,,I trust ur comments

    1. Wow, you're lucky to have found the product there. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I'm in south Africa and I am looking for this product


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