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Product Review: HBC Acnesol Facial Wash

Last update: June 9, 2015

Keeping this blog's promise - to produce more product reviews focusing on local brands. That is to guide more readers especially Filipinos around the world on which products to consider depending on their liking and effectiveness but won't break their piggy banks at the same time. 

But before that, let me ask you my awesome readers this - Do women with oily skin get less wrinkles? What do you think? 

Here is the answer that I got:
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Being a not-so-vain type of person that I am, I admit that it is only now that I am beginning to be more exposed to different types of products and brands. To be honest, I used to just wash my face with an anti-bacterial soap, that's it. Yes, I know, what you're thinking. I am not that frugal or stingy but it is just that cosmetics WERE not my thing before.Through experimenting (ever since I started using skin care products*), I learned that I still need to take care of my skin even if I thought I didn't need to if I don't want my skin to age prematurely.

Without further ado, let me present yet another good find of mine - Acnesol Facial Wash by HBC.

I get 'visited' by pimples on occasion or must I say during the time of the month. They leave ugly-looking blemishes afterwards. Who wants dark spots on their skin, no one wants, right? 


Sadly, my previous facial wash which comes in a small sachet (if you don't want to splurge in large-sized containers) did not work well for me. I noticed that my pores become more visible and triggered more acne especially on my T-zone area. But with Acnesol, it really controlled pimples from 'sprouting'. Just like my previous review, it leaves my face a smooth feel after wash.

According to its description, it is a soap-free wash formulated with sebostatic ingredient to help control pimples. It also contains Allantoin to provide soothing relief to skin. 

(Please stay tuned for my before and after photos.)


  • Consistency. It is a bit watery (and is clear) so I tend to squirt more amount than I should. But it didn't become a dilemma to me.
  • Odor. It has a tint of alcohol in its smell. I understand that it doesn't have that perfume-ish smell because it is a soap-free wash. It doesn't smell bad either.
  • Price. Definitely a good catch with its effectiveness for only Php 75 ($1.75).
  • Effectiveness. I have been using it for almost a month now and I can say that it is by far effective. However, I would be constantly updating this review in the event that this product fails my expectations. 
  • UPDATE: It helped lighten my blemishes after the whole tube but it failed to control some pimples sprouting on my forehead. 

  • Will I recommend it? Yes. Although, I can't guarantee if others with different skin type will have the same experience as mine.
  • Will I repurchase? Definitely Yes.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with this post if you have already used this product. Thank you for reading and have a blast. 

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