Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Top 3 Reasons Why Men Don't Initiate Break-Up

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt the relationship isn't going anywhere but your boyfriend is still keeping you? Have you ever thought why he cheats on you instead of just letting you know he no longer fancies you? Given all these situations, you are still left hanging on some unfathomable thoughts.

To let you understand why, here are some reasons you would like to ponder on or which might give you enough courage to spill the beans:

1. The Keeper

This guy cheats on you but would still want you as his 'spare' girlfriend. He wants to make sure that you would still be there the moment the flame dies down with his other woman. That way, he won't be left empty-handed. He makes sure as well that you won't find out about his infidelity so it won't be difficult for him to maneuver the relationship once his left hand is 'free'.

2. Mr. Clean

He would never initiate break-up so he remains 'clean' in front of everyone you both know. He would play as the victim and take your friends' sympathy. He wants out but balls-less to end it. He hardly texts or calls but if you ask him if he still loves you, he would say, "yes, I still do". You want to go out with him on a date but he gives you lame excuses and again, if you ask him if he still loves you, you'll get the same answer. Finally, when you are already emotionally pained, you decide to end the relationship up and you somehow wait for him to beg, his only answer would be a cold, "okay, if that's what you want". That kind of answer is another torture and you would forever ask yourself, why did he just wait for me to dump him?

3. The Stirrer

Usually, he has similar reasons with Mr. Clean, but he would stir you more up and do things that would annoy you, provoke you and drive you nuts. No more good morning and good night texts. No more "have you eaten" texts. He won't call when he said he would. He'd mound his answering machine with your call but you won't receive a call back. No more anniversaries and sweet nothings. He'd wait for you to get hurt and just quit. No amount of guilt trip you cause could ever ignite his conscience. The moment you raise the break-up issue, that's seals your relationship. Just consider yourself as part of his history because he'd abruptly disappear. Remember, he's just waiting for you to do what he had supposed to. The only difference with guy #2 is this guy has no idea of closure. 

These kinds of guys are worse than women whom they claim as the most complicated creature on Earth. But of course, this article doesn't suggest that all men fall under these categories. There are some men out there who are brave enough to speak up and are straight-forward to end the relationship (whenever they want to).

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