Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cont. Type of People On Facebook (Part 3 of 3)

The last part of this Facebook Series has come (here's the first and second part, respectively). Expect for more brow-raiser items here than what you have seen on the first one which  certainly created a little buzz on some readers who had been hit by the truth.

Well, a writer or a blogger can blog about any topic he/she wants so long as the article is entertaining, informative, not beyond the writer's niche and not libelous. If you are being so sensitive about articles as such, you can relate to it so much and you feel like you are what the article is about, then don't read it. It is not just about you and there are millions of Facebook users out there who fall under each category. Think again, you're being childish. 

Going back to the main topic, have you ever thought about deactivating any of your social media accounts, especially Facebook, because your news feed starts to freak you out? There is a remedy to that, my friend, UNFOLLOW them. After all, they won't have an idea that you unfollowed them. Facebook is discreet when it comes to things like this.

Anyhoo, below are other types of people on Facebook. Again, if you are an onion-skinned mutant, stop reading, I'm telling you:

  • The Jeane Napoles Clones 
These are the FBers who love to show off their recent haul. I mean no offense to those who do this since you can do whatever you want with your timeline, after all it is yours not mine. It is just my opinion/observation so don't crucify me, okay? If you are a fashion blogger or vlogger or an admin to a page, it is fine by us I guess? That way, you are showing what's up for grabs but if you just there to post your inauthentic LV bag, you're showing what's "up for brag", LOL!   Come on, really, stop this because it doesn't help improve our rotten society. You're not Jeane Napoles for heaven's sake and you can do better than what she does. 

Haters' rebuttal: "You're just green with envy because you cannot afford to buy one."
My rebuttal: "Afford to buy what? A fake LV bag? Of course, I can. And if I do, I won't post it because I am not here to support piracy. Do you get it?"

  • The Narcissist (to the highest level)
Sometimes, it gets me thinking why they like their own posts or photos. The fact that the post or photo made it to their timeline, already means they like it, otherwise, it won't be there.  

I also encountered some who private messaged me to like their photo to gain more likes. Whoaw! I would understand if it is a page because you really need more likes there to gain popularity and to be able to market your products or your service well.  Like, is there a popularity contest going on on Facebook that I'm not aware of? Is there a prize? Tell me if it's worth it and I'll join too. Trying won't hurt me, right?

Haters' rebuttal: "If you don't want to see them, unfollow them..."
My rebuttal: "I already did, darlin'..."

  • The Scammers
These users take advantage of social media's purpose. They use other people's photos (celebrities' photos, most often than not) to deceive people. They pretend to be beautiful and find someone to chat with and make these poor souls fall for them. It has been going on for quite some time now and really, they put other Filipinos and our country in bad shape. 

  • The Celebrity Wanna-Be's
Seriously, do you really have to make a fan sign for your imaginary fans? I don't even see you in the blogosphere or on TV or in a talent search/reality show or not even a Youtube sensation. Do you really feel happy pretending someone you are not?  

Haters' rebuttal: "Inggit ka, eh di gumaya ka..."
My rebuttal: "I am not a wanna-be so why would I do something I loathe?"

  • The Networking Cults
You can see these users on popular threads hoping to trip someone who would fall for their tactics. Their promises are too-good-to-be-true. They will get you involve with a business that  promises you the moon and the stars and eventually leave you empty-handed. These users can be associated with the Scammers. These Networking Cults oftentimes make use of good looking "marketers" to meet up with potential "victims" so it is easier for them to convince the willing victims.

Haters' rebuttal: "Not all networking companies are illegal."
My rebuttal: "Did I mention in this post that ALL networking companies are illegal?

  • The Internet/Keyboard Warriors
These users enjoy commenting on popular threads like Rappler's, Yahoo's, GMA-7's, ABS', etc. They usually fight with other commenters about network war, Marian and Angel war, and those issues where they always put the blame on the country's leader. It happens too that they blame their pet's death on some people. LMAO.

Haters' rebuttal: "Are you a fan of Pnoy?"
My rebuttal: "No."
Haters' rebuttal: "Kapuso ka o Kapamilya?"
My rebuttal: "Both. I watch programs from both networks."
Haters' rebuttal: "Admit it, you're one of the keyboard warriors."
My rebuttal: "No, but I enjoy reading their dumb-ass comments especially when I am not busy with something."

So there you have it guys, my little FB series. I hope you find it relatable, entertaining and worth your while reading them. Again, if you don't agree with my opinion, it's fine by me. But if you have gone reading this far, it could have been the otherwise. 


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