Monday, December 14, 2015

And Until The Dreams Come by Danabelle Gutierrez

I am so delighted to let all the bookworms out there know that my friend's second book - & Until The Dreams Come is already out. Actually, this post is several months late, but I believe in "better late than never" alibi. Anyway, here are the things to rave about this book. Ready?

The Words

& Until The Dreams Come is a book that whispers and roars. It is on fire and it is drowning. Thebook talks about the light and dark progressions of the journey in a relationship -- how it starts, how it ends.

This is a book that tries to explain how hero and villain can easily be one person; it tries to illustrate how a fragile thing becomes weapon when it breaks. It spins stories of how the ghosts and monsters that we're most afraid of are the ones that live inside of us and it is not afraid to tell you explicitly of its daydreams at high noon and its nightmares on moonless midnights."There is no gentle here", but oh how it longs to be tender, and oh how it yearns to be soft. It is a book that means nothing, until it means something, and suddenly it's everything; a book that has wandered far and wide for miles and years.This is a book that has loved and has survived to tell the tale.

The Paintings

The surreal visual paintings were inspired by the book & Until The Dreams Come through which five main stories were created using selected parts of the poems. Both the book and paintings have recurring themes which are mainly drowning which is illustrated through sea-creatures and being set on fire which is illustrated through smoke and flames. Several elements of nature were also used to illustrate how love is an organic thing that lives and dies.The idea of the movement and characteristics of the "man" is represented by an octopus that as with the book is only seen in part in each piece and never in his entirety.The five paintings illustrate the journey of a person in a relationship using the interaction of nonhuman objects to the human body with its movements and characteristics defining and detailing the emotions depicted in the poems, most especially in the way that the "man" represented by the octopus is either seen as tender or oppressive, mimicking the behavior of the "man" figure in the poems.

The Artist and The Writer (ctto)

Danabelle's first book - I Long To Be The River (which I happen to have, yipee!) 

  They are so sweet and cool, doing the pabebe wave!

Thinking about what to give your friends this holiday season? Look no farther, & Until The Dreams Come is available at Amazon and for my Filipino readers, you can grab a copy at Common Room Ph. How cool is that?

And if you are also in Dubai, you may catch her on Saturday. Please see details below.

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