Sunday, December 13, 2015

DIY Faux Fireplace and Christmas Decors

I love DIYing things ever since I was a kid. That is how I have been fighting boredom and I also believe in the saying, "Why buy if you can create it?" So, I'll be sharing with you today my Cotton Candy Christmas projects.

In a tropical country like mine, it's pointless to have a fireplace at home. But I so wanted to have one in my house just to have something new to look at so I created one. 

I used an unfinished shelf I found at a local furniture store in my city a couple of years ago for just P500. This is where I used to store all my baking supplies. I covered the second and third layer with cardboard before air-spraying it with white flat enamel spray. I love how it turned out vintage-esque. The bottom layer was covered with a felt paper to accentuate the "fire" more.

This is how it looks like when zoomed in. The steady fairy lights are orange and I used cut tissue rolls for the "charcoals" and an orange cellophane for the "flame". I was not happy yet with the first "flame" so I added more sheets of cellophane. 

It looks real from afar so it really made me happy just by mere looking at it. I've gone through Pinterest to search for "how-to-make-fake-flame" tutorials and I kind of consolidated all the ideas and here's the outcome. 

Now, let us move on to my cotton candy Christmas decors on my "mantle". The pink and teal Christmas tree was made by yours truly in 2013. I patiently mod-podged each styro ball and applied glitters generously and covered it with mod podge again to seal it. I used styro balls instead of buying the finished ones because of the price and I couldn't find the right color for my Christmas balls.

Cardboard (for the cone): P13.00 ($0.29)
Styro balls (assorted sizes): P120 ($2.66)
Glitters: P30 x 3 = P90 ($2)
Turquoise bow: P35 ($ 0.78)

Total: P258 ($5.74)

The tinsel Christmas tree is just basically a cone and one piece of tinsel garland I bought for P8 and the star cost me nothing because I already have the stock at home. Next is the tulle Christmas table top, which is by the way remnants from the tutu skirt I made a year ago. The ornament on top cost nothing, too. The twine (tree) is also an old stock from my baking days. I just made the red bow using a ribbon.

The shadow box, on the other hand, is made from a cardboard. I went looking for a ready made box but they are pricey. I used a clear plastic sheet for the "glass". I just bought a spool of pink yarn for P19 ($0.43).

Finally, my tulle fairy light garland cost me nothing as well. I just repurposed some old things and make them how I want them to be. Ideas are unlimited if you will try to be creative and frugal.

That's it. I hope you enjoyed staring at these eye candies, too. Happy decorating!!!

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