Friday, December 18, 2015

DIY: Minimalist Gift Wrapping Ideas

Three of my favorite things to do during the holidays are: 1.  DIYing/shopping (sharing the same spot) 2. Gift giving 3. GIFT WRAPPING!!! I used to be amazed when my mom or aunts would wrap the presents decades back but if I will still use their wrapping techniques 'til now, it'll surely be outdated. Currently, I have my cotton candy Christmas theme at our house. But when it comes to the presents, I decided to go minimal this time.

  • Yarn gift topper - my love for pompoms will never fade away as I love making tons of them. I just wrapped the yarn around my four fingers for 35 times (or more if you want a fuller pompom). Carefully remove it from your fingers and tie a piece of yarn in the middle as tight as you can to secure the strands.Trim the ends to form a ball shape.

  • A sheet from the magazine and a bow combo - I found a page from an old magazine that would color-coordinate with the ribbon I have on hand. Then I added a silver-glittered tiny branch on top of the bow to accentuate the gift even more.

  • Bottle gift wrapping technique - Has this been a real struggle for you? Not anymore! I learned a simple and neat method, right here.

  • Magazine strip, twine and an ornament - this is not a rocket science, I swear. You just need to wrap the strip around craft-paper-covered box, use a twine and an ornament, voila!

  • Tissue pompom and twine - This is the first craft activity I have ever learned from Martha Stewart back in the days. It just looks like complicated to make but truth is, it is as simple as 123 and as easy as ABC. Here's how...

There you have my 5 minimalist gift wrapping ideas. I hope this post inspires you to wrap the presents and not feel lazy about it. Ho, Ho, Ho!!! Happy holidays to all of you, my beloved RaveViewers! Don't forget to subscribe and follow me on my social media accounts. Show me some lovin'.


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