Wednesday, September 9, 2015

San San Everyday Cheek Tint | First Impression

I'm going to be sharing with you today my first impression on San San Everyday Cheek Tint. The appearance doesn't remind me of my first cheek tint from The Face Shop in 2003, but the smell does. I usually whine about the scent of San San products especially the liquid foundation I just reviewed, but this particular product in their line stood out in terms of the scent. 

The reason why San San Everyday Cheek Tint doesn't usually get noticed on the shelf, is because shoppers (including me) mistake it for nail polish. Even its applicator is identical to a nail polish's. I like its consistency as it is very easy to blend. Unlike other cheek tints, it doesn't stain your skin and leave a red spot when you don't blend right away.

With regard its longevity, I must say that it would stay a lot longer on your cheeks during the cold whether when you don't perspire excessively. In my case, my nose and the under eye area perspire easily during humid days. So my blush or cheek tints do not last longer. It's raining when I first tried it so it lasted longer but I have yet to test it if it would remain when worn during summer.

In the photo below, I only put a little amount of the product because I just want my skin to look healthy and not burnt, if you know what I mean.

This is just a first impression and not a thorough review so I won't give my verdict yet. I still have to get the hang of the product before I can list my pros and cons of it. Until my next post, RaveViewers! Have a great day!

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