Monday, September 7, 2015

HBC Beauty Rewards

HBC owns this photo.
As you can see in my posts, I've been purchasing a lot of San San products from HBC but never bothered to avail my  very own HBC Beauty Rewards card for one lame reason: I am TOO lazy to fill out the application form. Don't judge me yet and let me explain. I seldom go out of the house because I work from home and when I go out, that is only when I have to go to the bank and buy some groceries and some stuff I need to try out. You can call me a STORM SHOPPER for I usually buy with a list and don't go around the mall for too long for some reason and can finish my shopping errand in an hour or less. But I could go online shopping 24/7 because that is a different thing.

So I got my very own HBC Beauty Reward card finally after dilly dallying for a long time. I know this is not a matter of life and death and I could live without this but imagine the points I could have collected had I applied for it long before. And this has interesting perks for a makeup enthusiast like me. Something that I regret a bit but easy to shrug off. 

Some of the perks a member gets are invites whenever there are special sale events exclusive for members only. Special "birthday blowout" sounds really interesting and a good present for the birthday celebrator. Discounts and a lot more await the members. How awesome could that be?

HBC owns this photo

So the next time you buy some products at HBC, go ahead and avail yours for P58 only and get yourselves pampered with a lot of treatments and freebies. Until my next post, dear RaveViewers!!!


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