Friday, August 21, 2015

Blog Contest: OPEN RICE (#ShareSnap)

Are you a foodie who loves writing about what you eat and the service you get from the restaurant you just ate at? Nuffnang and Open Rice bring you a contest where you can showcase your photography skills and writing prowess!

Photo Owner: NuffNangPh

1. The contest is open to all Nuffnang bloggers with at least 10 blog posts in their blog sites.
2. Write a short positive blog about the local food scene (e.g. delectable desserts, nearby restaurants, new restaurants, favorite Filipino dishes, etc.) that you can find in OpenSnap app.
3. Your blog post must have at least 100 words and have at least one (1) related photo.
Put a minimum of two (2) hyperlinks from the OpenSnap website.
-          One (1) link to a specific restaurant found in PH
-          One (1) link to PH (e.g.
5. Include the following line with the download link at the end of the article.
6. Share the link of your blog on your Facebook and/or Twitter page with the hashtag #ShareSnap
7. As a final step, register your blog entry URL here to let us know you’ve joined the contest! 

You may visit Nuffnang's Website should you have more questions about the full mechanics. Join now Nuffnangers/RaveViewers!!!

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