Sunday, May 10, 2015

Product Review: ASUS Zenbook Prime

Coping with how fast the advancement of technology is has never been so easy. You have to read a lot and know a lot of jargon and their meanings, differentiate specs from the key features and such. Now that I am up for reviewing a new device which is the Asus Zenbook Prime, this isn't going to be just fun but more than challenging. It gives you the feeling of seeing the digital world itself not just within your reach but also within your TOUCH.

To give you a heads up, this is not going to be a hard core review. I will leave that task to the guys who are geekier and savvier than I am. I'd just want to share how it is like to be using a computer integrated with Windows 8. This OS is much cooler with a device with a touch screen feature; otherwise, it won't give you a fun and techie experience at all. That's just my opinion. I mean, what's the point of having a "static"-page like on your desktop if your device will be fully operated by your mouse and all your "control+alt" finger tricks? Of course, it's normal to just get lost and find your fingers back to where they were as you navigate the Windows 8 operating system. But once you get the hang of it, you'll never go wrong. It is as easy as that.

Let's now talk about how fast this ASUS beauty boots up, starts up and shuts down. As far as my overall computing experience with ASUS Zenbook Prime is concerned, I didn't have to spend a lifetime waiting for the system to start up and shut down and that is because of its i73517U Processor. It is quite easy to compare this to the other laptop I am using because of its own specifications to boast about. Whilst this Zenbook is much more convenient to utilize because it's handier, lighter, thinner, has sharper resolution and clearer interface. Zenbook Prime compensates the lack of CD-ROM drive by having a large internal storage of 128GB that enables its user to store a lot of image, audio and video files.

However, if we are going to discuss the new panel, the display seems to have half the contrast. Still, the colors are strong on the IPS panel and the effect is strengthened by the glare type panel. But due to the glossy nature of the panel, it falls prey to strong reflections. Of course, the edge-to-edge is very nice to look at, but the throttled brightness on battery, combined with the strong reflections, makes the laptop quite hard to use outdoors. 

The battery life can last up to 6 to 6.5 hours when your activities include typing or using Office tools, surfing the internet and painting but 4 to 5 hours will be fair enough when used in gaming, movie playing or video streaming and this model still delivers its full performance. 

Zenbook Prime UX31A is definitely for the yuppies who are always on the go because of its sleek and thin design but definitely not for people who frequent field work.

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