Friday, May 22, 2015

First Impression: Mc Donald's The New McRib

Being an avid fan of McDonalds, I told myself that I won't let McRib pass since it'd be available for limited time only, the first time I saw it in an ad. I bought two the following day, one for my mom and for myself.

Its size is reasonable for Php 99. The bun is soft and the meat is so tender and not thin. 

I just thought it fell short of onions and pickles and it got me a little disappointed because I was expecting a Phili Cheese-esque kind of sauce but the meat and the sauce tasted so sweet which did not satisfy my liking. I was like munching a TOCINO sandwich. It really tasted Tocino to me or sweetened cure pork. But of course, it's just my preference I am talking about. It may taste delish to others. Next time I'd take a meal out from McDonald's, I would still go for Quarter Pounder or Double Cheeseburger. 

After all, it was still worth a try. What about you? Have you tasted it yet? Did you like it?

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