Thursday, March 17, 2016

Collective Haul: Purchase, Gifts and Giveaway Prizes | March 2016

I'm super excited to share with you my haul for this month. It is a bit different from my usual haul posts because I included some items that I didn't personally purchase. Items that were given by a close friend and a fellow blogger! Isn't that amazing?!?

Collective Haul for the month of March

Giveaway Prizes from Couch Wasabi
Apart from blogging, I also love visiting and reading other blogs. I have become used to leaving comments mostly appreciating helpful and useful articles by other bloggers. It so happened that I bumped into Couch Wasabi one day and left several comments. Little did I know that it is this blogger's routine to pick one reader for each month. I just got an email informing me that I was picked as the reader of the month (February), I was totally clueless. To make the long story short, yes I won all the items in the photo: 3 small tubes Dr. Oracle BB Cream; (3) BB Cream in sachets of the same brand, (3) CC cream in sachets of the same brand; (3) sachets of Antibac Acne Cleansing foam, also of the same brand; and for the highlight, a beautiful palette called Seductive from Oriflame (Sweden). And boy, is it amazing! Thanks for picking me Couch Wasabi!

EB Advance Liquid Lipstick

Next on my list are these cuties from EB Advance. Yes, they remind me much of Maybelline Color Elixir Liquid Color Balm in terms of packaging. I'll be doing a first impression review + swatches on these soon. They retail at P180 each.

Courtesy of my dear friend in Dubai

I received these babies from the brand Essence which I have been longing to try out from my photographer friend in Dubai. Sweet 'no? (You might want to check his portfolio and book him in your next event.) A lot of bloggers have also been raving about these especially the "all about matte" foundie. Stay tuned for my upcoming reviews. I'm as ecstatic as you guys, if you only knew.

That's all there is to this month's haul. I appreciate you all taking the time to hang around. Stay happy, stay real and have a blessed day!


  1. Love your blogging dear📝 muah!

    1. Thank you, sissy. I hope to bring you guys more helpful reviews.


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