Sunday, March 13, 2016

4 Types of Online Shoppers

After bringing you a helpful article about how to spot legit online shops last year, which became the most viewed/read article to this date, I want to share with you my own experience both as a shopper and online seller this time. In my country, online selling has become so easy (yet risky) through the use of different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. These platforms have given small-scale and start-up online sellers a lot of opportunities in showcasing their homegrown goods as well as the imported goods.

Of course, the amount of online shoppers has become massive at once. Plus the fact that most online retailers/wholesalers offer painless payment methods to accommodate even non-credit card holders. The usual online shopping scenario would be like:

• inquiry (mostly done via Facebook messenger or other chat apps like Viber, WeChat, Line, etc.)
• filling out of order forms provided by the online shop 
• payment (through preferred banks or remittance centers)  
• shipment of the order once payment is verified by the seller (confirmation of payment is determined after a photo or a control number has been sent by the shopper)

The overall online shopping process has been made very simple but a lot of shoppers often make it complicated for the sellers. Keep on reading as I specify different types of online shoppers.

1. Sure Buyers - These are what every seller wishes for. They have good buying reputation and they surely know the process and make every transaction straightforward for the seller. They usually do their own research about the product prior to purchasing it. They seldom haggle but when they do, they ask for discounts reasonably. They pay for their orders on time or earlier than the agreed date. They read instructions carefully and follow the online shop's guidelines.

2. Joy Inquirers aka I'm-not-into-reading shopper - This type is still tolerable because what this type of online shopper does is inquire about every item displayed in the online shop. You can see this shopper's Instagram or Facebook username in almost all of the pages asking "HM?" or "how much?"

This type becomes a bit tiring if he/she still comments "how much?" even if the price is clearly indicated clearly in the caption. Or if he/she asks for the seller's contact number which can already be found on the store/seller's bio (for stores set up on Instagram) or ABOUT page (on Facebook). Most often than not, sellers indicate the price in the caption that goes along with the photo or if sellers prefer to entertain inquiries  via DM (direct messaging) or PM (private messaging) but these stubborn type of shoppers would still comment the same thing, "how much?" As a result, this shopper would start pestering the seller because for him/her, inquiries are not being addressed or replied to properly. Below is a sample conversation just to give you a clearer picture of what you should expect from this shopper.

3. Joy Reservers - Another shopper type that is addicted to make reservations to almost all the displayed items but doesn't confirm. This type gets to the seller's nerves because the item gets reserved for him/her while sure buyers can no longer get the item especially if stocks are limited or worse, if it's the last piece/unit. This results to the item not being bought anymore.

Since this type of shopper has been sprouting quickly like mushrooms, sellers have come up with a solution. They now include another shopping guideline that the item will be available once again and be given to whoever commented NEXT if the original 'reserver' fails to complete the transaction.

4. Bogus Buyers - This type of shopper is every seller's #1 pain in their a**. Sellers can easily brush the other types off, but not this. This one completes the order form, forwards it to the seller and confirms the date of payment. The seller then would pack the items so it would be ready for shipment anytime he/she receives payment confirmation from the shopper/buyer. Sellers usually extend another day or two to receive the payment confirmation but when they try to reach the shopper, he/she can no longer be contacted. 

Selling has a lot of drawbacks, let alone online selling. To be a seller, one needs to be honest, reasonable, cheerful, friendly and must have a hefty amount of patience or else he won't gain his customers' trust. I've been an online seller, too, so I certainly understand every seller's struggle. Same thing with the shoppers, they should be upright and responsible. They should also maintain a good buying image and learn to keep their words. Life is not always unfair, the golden rule still applies in every seller-buyer relationship.

There you have it, all shopper types that I already encountered. Did I miss any type of shopper that you know of? Kindly let me know and show some love by leaving a comment below. And finally, please don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already so you'll be kept posted. Have a blessed weekend, RaveViewers!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. #relatemuch hehe! :)

    1. I used to sell stuff online and a lot of these are based on my experience. It seems funny but it gets to the seller's nerves na rin. Hahaha.


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