Saturday, December 5, 2015

Unbranded MakeUp Brushes From Inkheart Shop | Review

Some of my readers are already waiting for my review on this. I apologize to have kept you waiting. I had to use these babies for several times first before I write something about them. The long wait is over because I am going to be sharing my review with you now. 

These makeup brushes from Inkheart Shop were included in one of my haul posts some months ago. I am one of those makeup enthusiasts who would not splurge on expensive cosmetics and makeup tools if there is an affordable alternative. I have never used Real Techniques, Sephora, MAC or Trish McEvoy brushes before so now I really got you thinking, "what would be her point of comparison?" My only reference is how my old brushes performed compared to these new ones. I just know when a brush is good if it works according to my liking. Too vague, right? Okay, I will elaborate more on this.

FOR ME, a brush is good if:

  • If the bristles are soft and don't give that scratchy feel, that is good for me. These brushes were bought online so I didn't get to test them, but surprisingly, the bristles are soft and dense enough. 
  • After working with these brushes for several times, none of them had already shed, not even a strand. 
  • The handles are still in tact after washing them several times.
As simple as that. I get easily contented with products that truly do their jobs. If these brushes would last for more than what it has cost me, then it is really really good! Apparently, these babies really did their job as far as performance and durability are concerned.

10pcs.of this set just cost P750 (around USD 17) and it was on sale that time. I don't know with you but I am happy with these even if they are not branded. What's good is that I am not really brand conscious but I'd love trying out different products to test their effectiveness. I can be your guinea pig, just so you know.

Verdict: You won't be disappointed if you purchase the same brushes from Ink Heart. It is just so amazing to discover unbranded products that are dependable but not as expensive as the high-end ones. 

Until my next post, RaveViewers. Have a blessed weekend!

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