Friday, November 20, 2015

Life Is #Wonderful Despite The Odds

While others say, "Life is unfair", I still find it beautiful and amusingly, larger than itself. The simplest things in life make it more wonderful. Do you ever wonder sometimes why most of us feel discontent and unhappy despite how successful we are in terms of the position we hold at our company and the multiple figures we see on our paycheck every month? That is because, we oftentimes see what we lack rather than appreciate what we already have. How about counting our blessings from now on instead of focusing on troubles? How does that sound to you?

My life is far from being perfect. In fact, I have been through a lot and I guess that made me who I am now - stronger, compassionate, appreciative and independent. That being said, let me share with you a few of the things that kept my optimism after all these years.

Life is a bit dull without music. This is one of the elements in life that influence our point of view in almost everything. As an only child, growing up alone with busy parents was not a piece of cake so music accompanied me handling my self-issues. Alternative rock is the genre I am into because it depicts more of my personality and the era of my life exploration. Music makes me laugh, smile, smirk, shout or grieve. It holds different kinds of emotions. Artists or writers even consider music as life's soul. People nowadays even take their hugot lines from the lyrics of their favorite songs.

If we have comfort songs, each of us has his own comfort place, too.  Right? As for me, it is Baguio City. This is the only place that helps me find myself when I am lost. There is something in this city that is so mystical. When time seems to be running out for me, Baguio is there to extend and show endless possibilities that I neglect paying attention to. Pain is being replaced by hope; doubts by faith. The cold weather dries up my tears and promises a new beginning. And did you notice? Just the thought of the city, makes me more poetic. 

Another thing that I consider wonderful was my relationship with my Pop. Yes...was. He was over-protective of me but he also taught me how to be independent and be firm when I am right, at the same time. It takes a great parenting skill to be able to do that. He trained me to be strong and endure everything full of dignity. He taught me a lot of things not usually seen on books. He let me face life without any shield but my brave heart. He dreamed of me becoming a lawyer but I defied him because I preferred writing, better. But one thing he believed in was that I would go places and I am living his dream. Our dream. Sharing your dream with others is good but living that dream is the best.

During those times that I had to deal with my own ordeals, I would usually pause, gauge every circumstance and ponder on my purpose in this world. It's normal to get hurt but what is not, is to dwell on the pain and not being able to move on. Our time is short so we must consume it wisely by looking at the things we should be grateful for. I may or may not see what is called the "God Zone" through this post but what's important is knowing that life is still wonderful despite the odds.

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