Sunday, November 22, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide for 2015

Yuletide season is fast approaching and most of us fret when this season comes not because our budget to buy presents for our family and friends is finite but because we don't plan our shopping checklist ahead of time. Most of us like the notion of last-minute shopping which is not a wise idea especially if you are on a tight budget. This is not actually too much of a dilemma as long as we know the so-called GIFT-GIVING strategy. I already bulleted the said strategy in my previous post, but this time I will be giving you some ideas by sharing with you my handpicked items.

It is really important to know your receiver's personality, otherwise, it would be very difficult to narrow down your choices when it comes to which ones to purchase. As for my mom, her happiness is superficial. She doesn't like complicated things because she's no longer tech savvy at her age. A Cherry Mobile phone, an interesting book, or a gadget where she can watch her missed movies. Of course, a new videoke system would be my last resort if the budget permits. 

Had my father been alive, he would be including these things on his wishlist. I remember how his power tools were over utilized because not a day went by that he wouldn't look for things to fix. He had quite an ample watch collection. What about your dad? What is he like and what are the things he's crazy about? It might not be on my list but you can opt to see more by clicking on the "more-gift-ideas" button.

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Does your significant other love gadgets? Perhaps, his old power bank needs a replacement. Does he look good in aviator sunglasses? Why not buy him a go-pro camera or a new tent if he is into outdoor activities? A spy camera, maybe? Oh wait, not that. Who would he be spying anyway, right? LOL. Just go for something that he would use and appreciate.

It is true that there are so many gift ideas for women. Of course we know our fellow specie very well. We are well familiar with what our mom, sister, aunt, grandma, best friend, kumare, or even our house-help would like to have. Just ask yourself questions like:

  • Does she like to travel? Is she a backpacker? 
  • Does she love to munch on a bowl of popcorn while watching her favorite RomCom films?
  • Does she love to create stuff or sew?
  • What does she do for a living? Is she a makeup enthusiast? Is she a mom? 
...and hundreds of questions more. The more you know the person, the easier you'd come up with a present to give.

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Break the old habit of last-minute shopping. We're supposed to enjoy our shopping spree especially this holiday instead of beating the crowd. Allot yourself more time and space so you will comfortably feel the spirit of Christmas.

And oh! Please stay tuned for more DIY posts and Christmas shopping tips in the coming days! Have a blessed weekend to everyone!

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