Friday, October 23, 2015

How To Lighten Dark Hair Without Bleaching

I was never a fan of dyeing my hair because it never worked on my thick-stranded hair. I first dyed my hair back in 1997 to no avail. Then I gave it a try again after a year, same result.  My hair was just too thick for this dyeing method. Plus, I was a scaredy cat to bleach it because I know it would damage my mane. But you would always crave for something new like a new look, perhaps?  So, since I had every tool to do my research on how to lighten hair as dark as mine without bleaching, Google didn't disappoint me.

After reading tons of blogs that teach DIY hairstyling, I learned that you can achieve a bleached hair effect by choosing a very light shade and a higher percentage of oxidizing lotion. For dark-headed like me, the result didn't show instantly so I had to do it several times before seeing my desired effect. I noticed that my hair strands got thinner as well.

I stopped going to salons, too, because I didn't like to spend that much just to end up being disappointed. Dyeing your own hair takes a lot of courage and guts. You must be ready to take consequences if by any chance you would mess up. Yes, I've been there. 

So, I found a product (yes, it's HBC again) that fits my budget and didn't irritate my scalp. Note: There are products that would irritate your scalp and some say, be mindful of hair colorants especially if you have tattoos because there's a high risk that would experience severe skin irritation. Again, I am not an expert so I am not sure of this information's accuracy. 

Prior to trying the shade LIGHT HAVANA, there were two other darker shades I tried which didn't work even if I soaked my hair in the solution for almost an hour. IT JUST DIDN'T WORK. It really pays to ask the lady in the store's counter even if you are a bit skeptical. Of course, like our moms, they know better (when it comes to their products).

In the 'before' photo, I used the same shade but as you see, my hair real color sprouted from the roots so I needed to reapply it after months of procrastination. Trust me, the struggle is real dying your own hair but you'd perfect it eventually as seen in the 'after' photo. Perfect is an over statement, but at least I'm able to achieve how it is almost done in salons without bleaching it and the best part is, without spending thousands of pesos.

Before I wrap this up, there is something you must not forget - follow the directions in the package. It is better to READ than to be sorry. Kisses to all of you!

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