Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Product Review: San San BB Cream

You may have noticed that I have been doing San San product reviews for several consecutive times now. No, it is not sponsored. It's just that this blog aims to test local products first and those are cost effective. Some of you out there may not be aware of what local products have to offer. That being said, it would allow you to have more options before buying cosmetics suitable for your skin type and budget in the future.

Well now, I am leveling up when it comes to my cosmetic range because I get to test a lot of products now than before. If I just use sunblock then (which doesn't give me full coverage as shown in this post), now after several product consumption and research, it came to my understanding BB Cream gives you more than what sunblock can, as it corrects most of your skin imperfections and it protects your skin from harmful rays of sun, at the same time.

Let us now talk about my experience with San San BB cream. I asked the lady who assisted me if beige is suitable for me. She said yes and I trusted her 'expertise'. To my dismay, this product is a shade darker than my actual complexion and I noticed that I looked like I sprayed a fake tan spray onto my face. My face looked like a little burnt after my first application. But as it sets in, it actually blended well with my skin after a couple of minutes.

Setting it with loose powder is a must. Otherwise, you'd actually feel that you're wearing something because it is a little heavy compared to other BB cream products I have tried before that seemed 'weightless'.

As you can see, it's got Squalene content which most of us know is vital for the skin. Everyone is born with Squalene in their skin – every skin type, every age group, every ethnicity. We just lose it as we age due to some factors like lifestyle, habits, profession and our environment. We tend to do more outdoor activities that dehydrate our skin that leads to having fine lines, wrinkles and premature aging. (You can find out more about Squalene, here.)  

You can even see in the first picture that it's really stained and a small amount of product can inevitably transfers to whatever you touch so be careful, especially when you are wearing light-color fabrics. 

Heads up: Cover your top with something just to keep any of this product's residue from getting onto it and spoiling your OOTD/OOTN.You wouldn't like that.

You wouldn't expect too much for its price but it's worth trying.

It has this kind of consistency.

Here's a side by side comparison that shows San San BB Cream's coverage:

It did not hide my pores completely but the blemishes and pimple marks were nowhere to be seen. Please take note that in the photo, I haven't set my face with loose powder yet because I wanted to show difference using this product alone.

  • As always, it is not as expensive as other high end BB cream products.
  • It has got good coverage. You may or may not top it up with a foundation as it covers up just fine.
  • It is not that blendable if you're just going to use your fingers. I suggest using a brush.
  • It stains easily or maybe it's because I got the wrong shade.
  • It is not 'weightless' and feels heavy to the skin.
  • It feels a bit sticky to the skin. It's best to set it with loose powder after a couple of minutes. Not suitable for oily skin.
  • Will I recommend it? Yes. Since, every product works differently with different skin type. It may not have worked best for me but it might work to others.
  • Will I repurchase? No. I gave it to my mother after this review. 
 Have you tried this product? I want to know your thoughts too.  Thank you for stopping by.

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