Friday, April 17, 2015

10 Proven Online Jobs {you can earn from} - UPDATED

I decided to come up with all the online jobs I know that really pay, in connection with my previous post (5 Reasons why some people prefer  homebased jobs). How do I know that they are legit and pay those who work for them? Because I and my fellow homebased workers have already worked for some of them. However, getting in to some of the jobs being offered remotely is not a piece of cake. That is what I'm going to discuss with you based on my and colleagues' experience.Without further ado, let's get to it.

1. Virtual Assistant (VA)

Virtual assistants utilize today's technology to deliver their services and communicate with clients by working remotely.

Where to apply:
  • MyOutdesk - This company is Philippine-based. Positions available are appointment setter (full time), appointment setter (part time) and general administrative staff. Salary package ranges from $350 - $1000. TIP: They are prompt in scheduling you for an interview and they usually prioritize mothers. 
  • Odesk
  • Elance
  • Freelance
  • Online Jobs Philippines
  • Raket Ph
2. Online English Tutorial Jobs

More than ten years ago, foreign students flock to the Philippines to study English. Now, learning English has become more convenient for them because of numerous online English schools that offer economical rates and good teaching quality. Some of them are the following:
3. Typist/Encoder

Since SCAMMERS have been sprouting everywhere on the internet, be careful who you give your services to. Make sure that your hard work and all your effort won't go down the drain.

Tip: Before submitting your proposals to one of the jobs in Elance, please take note of every detail about your would-be employer.

As you notice, this employer (whose name has been blurred) has been verified and purchased a premium account that adds more to his credibility. Employers like him/her are ready, really mean business and have the ability to hire people who would work for them.

As for, OnlineJobsPh, you may also check on the background of the employers if they have been hiring people continuously and make sure if they have several previous postings to show off on their profile. Applicants should know how to profile their employers as well. Applicants must own a paypal or paymentsph account to get paid easier and faster.

4. Youtube/Blog monetization

If you are talented (and not shy in front of the camera) and willing to show it to the world, start creating videos and build your network. Who knows? You might end up getting an invite from Ellen DeGeneres. Or if you have some tutorials you think would benefit a lot of people like DIYing, makeup, fashion, technical stuff, etc. Share it with the public and be followed or subscribed to. Advertisers are now more attracted to these platforms because it is more practical and accessible. Same goes with blogging.

I used to just randomly blog following no schedule at all. After reading a lot of tips from fellow bloggers, it is better to set an editorial schedule for your blog especially if you want to monetize from it. I have never tried Adsense but I am a member of Nuffnang - one of the leading blog advertising communities. In less than a year of blogging, I already have a bunch of brands who post ads on my blog.

 CPUV Campaigns (Cost-Per-Unique-Visit)

Cost-Per-Click Campaigns

It won't pay your bill at first, but who stops you not to reach that level? Again, your probable income will always be up to you. It is unlimited. Just keep in mind that this won't give you an instant income, okay? You need to work hard for it, be unique, be yourself and be CONSISTENT.

5. Online Telemarketer*
6. Customer Service Representative/Tech Support Representative*
7. Social Media Management*
8. Graphic or Website Design /Artist*
9. Create Facebook pages | Blogger or Wordpress Designer*
*You may refer to the first and second positions for reference.

10. Online Editor/Writer (added another site)

You may refer to one and two and the links below:
So there! I tried compiling all homebased jobs I know and where to look for them. I hope you find these information useful. If you know more companies that hire remote workers, kindly let me know (together with your experience) by leaving a comment below.

 Happy 'homebasing'!

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