Monday, February 16, 2015

8 Types of People on Facebook (Part 1 of 3)

I have been a Facebooker since 2008. And I admit, I was once an annoying Facebook user. Until I saw some users who are more annoying than I was, I took facebooking to the next level. I decided to just keep my posts low and inspiring for others as much as possible.

There are a lot of types of people on Facebook but I just compiled 8 of them which you can find (somehow) relatable:

1. Communicator

This is a type of a Facebook user that uses this medium to just communicate to his/her friends all over the world. This user rarely posts status. He/she just enjoys using the chat feature of Facebook to message his/her friends. This user is not annoying.

2. The Preacher (and the followers)

This type of Facebook user has gained respect from his friends through the years and  collected a bunch of followers because he/she likes posting inspiring quotes and share his thoughts which leaves the readers something to ponder on. Most often than not, this type of user gains massive popularity because of his wisdom. He/she is not annoying either. 

3. Social Media "sobber"

 This type of Facebook user is just difficult to tolerate. Facebook has become his/her go-to place when she is frustrated with life. SHE, because usually this type of user is female. She posts almost all her worries, fear, complaints and activities on her timeline even if it's not necessary. That's when she becomes really annoying. She would even post something like "...." as if the ellipsis would mean to her friends like it does to her. This "sobber" can be more annoying if she gets mad. She often posts meme photos that describe her current situation. She would post the cheapest status on Facebook just to get back at the person she is pissed at. She often gets blocked, unfollowed and deleted because of her complaining activities.

4. Likes and comments sucker

Like the sobber, this user could also get to other users' nerves. This user usually posts 15-20 posts a day and would flood your news feed. He/she would tag friends to a post even if they have got nothing to do with it. He loves collecting likes and comments and would mention all the likers' names untiringly. Do you know a Facebook friend such as this?

5. Gamer (or the annoying person who plays online games and invites everyone on her list)

This user's timeline is full of gaming activities. His account is linked to almost all online games on Facebook. That is fine, yeah, but what's annoying is that he invites all his FB friends even those who don't even give a f*ck to Candy Crush, Farm Heroes Saga, Kitchen Scramble, Farm Ville, Coaster Ville, etc. This user knows how to play but doesn't know how to limit his invites and who to invite. This user needs a spanking. This has got to stop and we will teach him how in the next post.

6. "Life Stager or the Faker" 

The most pathetic person on Facebook is the life stager or the faker.  Do you know what this user does? He/she sometimes uses the map to locate a "cool" place to check in just to show that he's having the most fab life and that he's the happiest dude on Earth. But in reality, he's just in a cave or a dormitory or in a place far away from the place he "checked in" at. Sometimes, she pretends to go to a "sacred" place so she could hide all the bad activities she's involved with or other things one sick mind could ever imagine.

7. Selfie Addict

This user is also called, GGSS (in Filipino) which means, Gandang Ganda/Gwapong Gwapo Sa Sarili. This is the reason why you don't want to check your feed sometimes. Like the sobber or the war freak, this user often gets unfollowed, blocked or worse, deleted. LMAO!

Well, a few Facebook years ago, selfie-ing was not really annoying especially if it is done on occasion. But now, this type of user is doubling up in population. They really love themselves TOO much and they also are suckers of likes and comments. They often change their DP's like it is more of a slideshow. They post photos endlessly as if the universe cares.

8. The Silent Type or the Ninja (or sometimes called the "seenzoner")

This user can be annoying sometimes because they love reading your private messages but their fingers don't even have the guts to type even a single letter or character. They often leave you seenzoned. This user must realize that his Facebook account doesn't have a place in the social media world. They just love to lurk but they just ignore you when you send them messages. They rarely post status. Sometimes, they get you thinking what are their accounts for? 

There you have it. The 8 types of people on Facebook. Now tell me, what category you fall under?

Do you think, you haven't read enough? Here is the continuation...

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